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Isover insulation solutions comprise the best of energy efficiency, acoustic performance and fire safety. Designed to enhance the thermal and acoustic performance of a host of constructions, Isover insulation rolls make the most of glass wool's abundance of natural benefits. We stock three primary Isover products: Isover Acoustic Roll, Isover RD Party Wall Roll and Isover Spacesaver Roll, all of which can be found under the relevant sub-category headers located to the left of this page. 

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What Are Isover Insulation Rolls? 

Isover insulation rolls are glass mineral wool insulation solutions manufactured from up to 86% recycled glass. 

As stated on the Isover Saint-Gobain Technical Insulation homepage, Isover is committed to offering insulation solutions which are as effective as they are environmentally friendly. 

Made from rot-proof non-hygroscopic materials, these rolls offer both acoustic and thermal insulation in one durable product. 

Let's take a look at the key features that unite all of the Isover Insulation products: 

  • Zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and less than 5 GWP (Global Warming Potential)
  • Made from rot-proof non-hygroscopic materials
  • Will not sustain vermin 
  • Resilient to moisture damage in storage 
  • Robust glass mineral wool composition 
  • Solutions manufactured for application in external walls, party walls, internal floors and more 
  • Designed to fit between common joist spacing 

Isover Acoustic Roll 

Isover Acoustic Partition Roll (APR) is specifically engineered to optimise acoustic performance in a host of different structures. 

Applicable in a wide variety of lightweight partition walls and floors, this innovative solution is as environmentally friendly as it is acoustically effective. 

Manufactured from up to 75% recycled glass, this acoustic partition roll (APR) is a great choice for the environmentally conscious who aren't willing to compromise on acoustic performance.

Isover RD Party Wall Roll

As its name would suggest, RD Party Wall Roll is a glass mineral wool roll that targets and minimises sound transmission across a masonry cavity separating (party) wall. 

Boasting the same glass mineral wool composition that marries all of the Isover products, the tightly packed wool fibres of RD Party Wall Roll help to impede air movement within the cavity, optimising the overall thermal performance of the structure.  

Isover Spacesaver Roll 

Again, Isover Spacesaver Roll boasts the same recycled glass composition as other Isover products. This composition comprises 86% recycled glass mineral wool, making it a sustainable option for the environmentally conscious. 

This same composition is what endows the rolls with excellent thermal properties, which can be used to improve the thermal performance of roofs, loft floors and stud walls.

Isover Spacesaver rolls are designed for application between joist centres of 400mm or 600mm and come pre-perforated for your convenience. 

How Do Acoustic Insulation Rolls Work? 

Unlike the majority of insulation products (which are purposed to protect against heat loss), acoustic rolls, as the name would suggest, are designed to reduce the volume of noise from both inside and outside your home. 

Otherwise known as acoustic partition rolls, these rolls are primarily designed for use in walls, floors and partition walls.

Acoustic roll is commonly made from fibreglass (otherwise known as glass wool) and exhibits high acoustic performance thanks to its manufacturing process. 

The way in which recycled glass is spun results in a product that is packed with tiny air pockets. These pockets trap sound and prevent it from getting through the material.

Isover Insulation 

Isover is part of the Saint-Gobain Group and is a world leader in the manufacture of sustainable insulation solutions for the construction industry. 

Its products are suitable for both residential and non-residential buildings and have high levels of thermal and acoustic efficiency. Here at Materials Market, we have an extensive range of Isover products to choose from.

Frequently Asked Isover Insulation Roll Questions

What Thermal Conductivity Are Isover Products? 

The thermal conductivity of Isover products ranges from 0.036W/mK - 0.044W/mK. 

Mineral Wool Insulation vs Fibreglass

For many decades, fibreglass insulation (also known as glass wool insulation or glass mineral wool) was the standard for home construction. So what are the main drawbacks?

First off, fibreglass is sourced from non-renewable materials, specifically, plastic reinforced with glass fibres. Fibreglass Insulation is made from up to 30% of recycled glass, like Knauf DriTherm 37 (which is specifically designed for installation in external masonry cavity walls). Secondly, fibreglass insulation has been linked to adverse health impacts, including irritating the skin, eyes, and respiratory system.

Let's consider the properties of each:
●     Eco-friendly - Mineral wool is made of up to 80% recycled content, whereas fibreglass is only made from up to 30%.
●     Weight - Mineral wool insulation slabs are far heavier than fibreglass slabs. They do not bend or sag as easily as fibreglass insulation slabs.
●     Installation - Firm mineral wool slabs can friction-fit into place between studs and joists. Installing fibreglass can be more complicated because it requires staples and/or wires.
●    Fire resistance - Both fibreglass and mineral wool insulation are classed as A1 non-combustible on the Euroclass scale, which means that they do not burn.

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