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A Torus Architrave is a type of architectural moulding or trim that is rounded in shape and typically used as a decorative element in a building. It is a convex moulding with a semicircular cross-section, resembling a quarter-circle, that is used to frame doors and other openings.

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The Torus architrave design is ageless. Its use has spanned centuries, from its inception in classical Greek and Roman buildings to modern-day structures; it is thus a beloved choice for both new builds and redevelopments alike.

Prior to deciding on a Torus architrave, keep in mind that unique vendors may provide different interpretations of the same design. To ensure your new product perfectly complements your existing torus, it is critical to compare all dimensions and details.

Torus MDF Architrave Applications

The architrave is placed where the wall of a room meets the door frame, providing an elegant covering to disguise any unseemly joints between stone and wood. 

By implementing torus architraves, you add beauty and subtle refinement to a space. With torus architraves, you can transform a mundane doorway into an elegant entrance; making small rooms feel more spacious and giving large ones that cosy homey feeling.

Torus Architraves Key Features

  • Adds the finishing touch to a door frame
  • Supplied pre-primed
  • Water-based primer is applied in a vacuum coater to attain complete coverage across the board
  • Sanded between priming coats to ensure a consistent, smooth finish
  • Manufactured from MDF (medium density fibreboard) moulding
  • Free of natural defects
  • Majority of torus architraves are manufactured from Moisture Resistant MDF and comprise two coats of water based primer
  • All our MDF is sourced from environmentally responsible suppliers 

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Frequently Asked Torus Architraves Questions

Are Architraves Necessary? 

So, is architrave a must-have for interior design? The answer is no. But there are plenty of reasons why you may want to include it in your decorating plans.

Above all else, architrave can be used as an elegant and stylish addition to any room. It's more than just the finishing touch – with the right choice of material and design pattern, you can use this feature to create a unique aesthetic that speaks volumes about your home’s personality.

What Are Architrave Sets? 

An architrave door set is an economical and convenient option, providing everything you need to frame a single door/double door, depending on the application in question. These sets (be it a single or double door set) comprise a sufficient amount of architrave, ensuring you have enough material to finish your project.

What Materials Are Used in Architrave Manufacture?

Despite hardwood, softwood and MDF being the most popular materials for architraves, there are a number of other options available on the market including plaster, PVC, rubber, ceramic tiles or even aluminium. 

Make sure to take your time when choosing an architrave material that best suits you and your project!

What Are The Benefits of Water Based Primer? 

Water-based primer is applied in a vacuum coater to achieve a consistency that cannot be replicated with old-fashioned methods such as hand spraying. 

Water-based primer is utilised to prepare a surface for a final coat of paint. This primer aids the finishing coat of paint to adhere better and results in a more even and spotless finish.

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