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Add a slick, geometric uniformity to any given space with square-edge architrave. Featuring a straight, square edge along its top surface, this architrave profile is characterised by a clean, modern, and minimalist look with straight lines and sharp corners. It works perfectly in contemporary spaces, bringing a modern edge and clean aesthetic to any interior. We stock square-edge moisture-resistant MDF architrave that is primed to ensure a smooth finish. 

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What Are Square Edge Architraves? 

Square edge architraves, as the name suggests, have a squared-off or straight-edge profile. This means that the outer edge of the architrave is flat and does not have any decorative or rounded details. 

Square edge architraves are often used in modern or contemporary interior design schemes, as they have a clean and simple appearance that can complement a minimalist aesthetic.

Square Architrave Key Features

Here at Materials Market, we exclusively sell moisture-resistant MDF architrave. 

Its benefits and key features are as follows: 

  • Adds the finishing touch to a door frame
  • Crisp edges create uniformity in any room
  • Manufactured from high-quality long-lasting MDF - no natural defects seen in natural timber
  • Water-based primer is applied in a vacuum coater to attain complete coverage across the board
  • Sourced from environmentally responsible suppliers 
  • Shields door frames from impact and jolts
  • Conceals subpar plastering

For our full range of architraves and skirting boards, please refer to our Architrave & Skirting category page.

If your project list calls for matching square-edge skirting to provide a smooth transition between the wall and the floor, why not browse our selection of Square Edge MDF skirting boards?

Square Edge Architrave Priming

A primed architrave refers to an architrave that has been pre-coated with a primer or base coat of paint. Primed products tend to receive two coats of good quality primer/basecoat.

Not only do these white primer coats save you time and energy but they also as a protective layer, helping to seal the surface and protect the skirting board from moisture, dust, and other environmental factors. 

This process can enhance the durability and longevity of the architrave, making it more resistant to wear and tear over time.

The Purpose of Architrave Sets

An architrave door set is an economical and convenient option, providing everything you need to frame a single door/double door, depending on the application in question. 

These sets (be it a single or double door set) comprise a sufficient amount of architrave, ensuring you have enough material to finish your project.

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