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A square-edge skirting board is a sleek and modern trim that covers the joint between a wall and the floor. It features a straight, sharp edge along the top surface, providing a clean and minimalist look. One key benefit of using square skirting board is that it can be cut to any height without affecting its appearance. Since it has no profile, it can be installed at any height while maintaining a consistent look. Another welcome benefit of this lack of profile is that it makes for a more cost-effective option than some of the more decorative skirting products.

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What Are Square Skirting Boards?

Square edge skirting boards have a clean, straight, and sharp edge profile, giving them a modern and minimalist look. 

They are characterised by their simple design, with straight lines and sharp corners, which makes them a popular choice for contemporary and minimalist interior styles. 

They are available in various heights, widths, and lengths to suit different room sizes and design preferences.

Complete your skirting project with confidence with our range of square MDF skirting board products which boast a primed finish. 

Not only are our skirting board square MDF products moisture resistant but their precision-engineered uniformity ensures they do not feature any of the natural defects that are commonly found in natural wood products.

The Aesthetic & Functional Benefits of Square Edge Skirting Board

  • Square Edge skirting boards provide a smooth transition between the wall and the floor, covering any gaps or uneven edges. 
  • They can protect the wall from damage caused by furniture, vacuum cleaners, or other objects. 
  • They can be utilised as a method to hide cables and wiring. 
  • They can provide the finishing touch and detail, adding a touch of elegance and luxury to any room.
  • They lack any decorative mouldings, bevels, or curves - often used in contemporary or minimalist interior styles where a clean and sleek aesthetic is desired. 
  • The moisture-resistant MDF square edge skirting boards that we stock are manufactured and primed to receive a final paint finish. 

Skirting Boards - Straight Edge Profile

A square-edge skirting profile refers to the specific shape or design of a skirting board that features a straight, square, or sharp edge along its top surface. It is characterised by a clean, modern, and minimalist look with straight lines and sharp corners.

To create a cohesive look throughout any given structure, why not opt for matching architrave? You can check out our full architrave product range on our Architrave homepage

If you're a first-time buyer and require further information and details please get in touch with our friendly customer service team. 

Frequently Asked Square Edge Skirting Board Questions

What Skirting Boards Make A Room Look Bigger?

Using white trims and skirting boards can create an illusion of greater depth, making the room appear bigger.

What Is A Primed Skirting Board?

As opposed to more traditional pine options, a primed skirting board refers to a skirting board that has been pre-coated with a primer or base coat of paint. Primed products tend to receive two coats of good quality primer/basecoat.

Primed gloss finish skirting boards are commonly available in the market and are designed to save time and effort during installation and painting.

What's more, the priming coats on primed skirting boards act as a protective layer, helping to seal the surface and protect the skirting board from moisture, dust, and other environmental factors.

This process can enhance the durability and longevity of the skirting board, making it more resistant to wear and tear over time.

Can Square Edge Skirting Boards Be Stained or Painted After Installation?

Yes, square-edge skirting boards can be stained or painted after installation to match the desired colour scheme of the room. However, proper surface preparation, such as sanding and priming, may be necessary for optimal results.

What Is A Rebated Skirting?

For the sake of hiding away wires and pipe work, a skirting board can be engineered with grooves of varying depths and thicknesses to create a cable rebate. 

These artistic rebates efficiently allow for wires to fit snugly behind them, making for a more cohesive finish. If you want to do away with wires and cables, the rebate option is for you. 

What Are Interior Mouldings?

The term 'interior mouldings' encompasses a wide array of decorative elements that add detail and definition to the edges and surfaces of projections or cavities.

From skirting boards that outline the base of walls, to door architraves that frame doorways, mouldings are an essential component in any home design scheme.

Round off wall and door frames with our full range of architrave and skirting board products.

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