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While graded battens, certified to meet specific standards such as BS 5534, are mandated in certain projects for quality assurance, ungraded battens carve their niche in applications where grading is not a prerequisite. These battens offer a range of benefits and find widespread use beyond roofing applications. 

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What Are Ungraded Roof Battens? 

Ungraded roof battens, despite their lack of grading according to standards such as BS 5534, fulfil diverse roles in construction projects. While graded battens are requisite for specific applications requiring compliance with building control regulations, ungraded battens find ample utility in scenarios where standard specifications suffice and where grading is not mandatory.

Their dimensions make them suitable for supporting plywood, drywall, and other sheet materials. Additionally, these ungraded battens play a crucial role in creating insulation gaps between different construction elements, thereby enhancing energy efficiency.

Where Are Ungraded Roof Battens Used? 

  • Landscaping: Fencing, retaining walls, raised garden beds, and borders.
  • Agricultural Use: Farm fencing, animal enclosures, and stable construction.
  • Construction: Framing and general construction.
  • DIY Projects: Furniture making, shelving, and small-scale home renovations.

Ungraded Roof Batten Benefits

  • Pressure treatment ensures deeper penetration of preservatives, extending lifespan.
  • Inherent durability, moisture resistance, and protection against pests.

Frequently Asked Ungraded Roof Battens Questions

Do Ungraded Roof Battens Require Maintenance?

While ungraded roof battens are treated for durability and moisture resistance, regular inspection and maintenance are recommended to ensure optimal performance. This may include checking for signs of decay, applying protective coatings as needed, and addressing any issues promptly to prevent damage to the surrounding structure.

Are Ungraded Roof Battens Suitable For Use In All Climates?

Ungraded roof battens are generally suitable for use in various climates. However, proper treatment and maintenance may be required to ensure longevity and performance, especially in harsh or extreme weather conditions.

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