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The top British cities to find a job, with small Welsh city crowned UK’s ‘Career Capital’

With the cost of living rising and a widening skills gap, it seems as though there’s a perfect storm for employers and jobseekers, but sometimes jobs just aren’t easy to find.

The skills and labour shortage in the trade industry has been an issue for a while now, with recent research* revealing that nearly half (44%) of tradespeople said that the industry experienced staff shortages in 2021, due to a lack of skilled workers. We did our own research and it’s becoming clear that we’re not the only industry finding it hard to hire skilled workers. 

In a bid to help ease the pressure, we wanted to discover where in the UK you should be looking for a role, to hopefully help fill the gap. 

Researching roles across the country, including ones in the trade, we discovered just how many job vacancies there are in the UK so we can share with you the best cities for career opportunities.

We discovered that the small Welsh city of St Asaph in Denbighshire was the best city to find a job, despite being the second smallest city in Britain in terms of both population and urban area, with almost eight jobs available per capita! Whereas Londonderry, Northern Ireland, was the city with the least job vacancies, with just 388 jobs in total across the city, resulting in a shocking 0.0053 roles per capita.

You can check out the best, and worst, cities for jobs here, as we’ve put together this handy map for those who might be looking to relocate for work.

As part of our research, we also looked into the trade industry specifically so we could discover where the best region is for many of our customers to find work. 

We can reveal that Westminster in London was the top city in the UK for trade jobs with 14,482 jobs currently available in popular trade professions including construction, plumbing and carpentry.

The top 10 cities for trade jobs in the UK are: 

  1. Westminster
  2. City of London
  3. St Albans
  4. Birmingham 
  5. Lichfield 
  6. Coventry
  7. Salford
  8. Wolverhampton
  9. Manchester 
  10. Worcester

It turns out that there are currently over 160,000 trade jobs available in the UK, with the average salary in the construction industry sitting at £37,105.71**, more than £5,000 than the median average salary for all workers in the UK, at £31,786***. 

Samuel Hunt co-founder of, said,

“Here at, we are always thinking ‘what’s next’, how can we move forward and help others in doing so. We know there’s a skill and labour shortage in our own industry, so we thought long and hard about what might be a useful way to address this, and we believe revealing the UK’s ‘Career Capital’ will not only help workers in our industry, but also Brits across all professions.

“I hope the map can add some real value to anyone out there who is looking for work and can provide them with a little bit of direction on where in the UK they should be looking. Hopefully, it’s beneficial to some cities too as there are clearly vacancies that need to be filled and businesses in need of skilled workers!”




Data accurate at the time of writing.

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