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Do Yourself: New line of trade-inspired sex toys means anyone can bonk the builder

Earlier in the year, we surveyed1 2,000 coupled-up Brits to discover which professions were the best in the bedroom, with plasterers, electricians, mechanics, builders, plumbers, and carpenters all making it into the top 20.

It’s thought that tradespeople are more ‘skilled’ with their hands, with a whopping 74% of blue-collar workers being rated as ‘good’ or above for their actions in the bedroom, compared to 26% of white-collar workers being rated as ‘satisfactory’ or above. 

So, it looks like tradies are likely to be able to get the job done in more places than just the worksite!

With this in mind, we looked into creating a range of trade-inspired sex toys, so that we could share the love with those not lucky enough to have a sexual partner with a blue-collar job.

Introducing…the Do Yourself collection!

Plier Nipple Clamps
Hammer Wand Vibrator
Screwdriver Dildo
Nut & Bolt Cock Ring
Drill Suction Stimulator
Toolbox Storage Case

With enough interest, the Do Yourself collection will be officially launched ahead of Christmas 2022.

Why have we created this line of sex toys, we hear you ask? 

Well, did you know that evidence suggests there is a correlation between sexual satisfaction and mental health? Studies report that higher levels of sexual satisfaction are associated with lower levels of anxiety and depression². Further research also suggests that people who are sexually satisfied are also happier and have higher levels of engagement at work3

This, coupled with the survey data above1, suggests that those with a tradesperson for a partner can benefit from greater job satisfaction and lower levels of anxiety than those who don’t. But with the help of the Do Yourself collection, anyone can be screwed and drilled like their partner is a tradie!

To register your interest in the collection, please fill out the following form:





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