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Survey Reveals That Seven in 10 Tradespeople Have Been Propositioned at Work

Historically we hear of builders and tradespeople catcalling people on the job – and some people assume it’s still this way nowadays – but we never hear it the other way around. 

In our industry we commonly hear about workers experiencing sexual propositions and sometimes industry workers are sexualised through the media, costumes and even the yearly sexy calendars. 

We wanted to look into it further, so we anonymously surveyed 2,500 tradespeople across Britain to discover how many of our professionals have experienced sexual offerings or unwanted attention in some way whilst at work, and the results were shocking!

Speaking to our community it alarming to see how many professionals have experienced sexual offerings whilst at work, with seven in 10 (70%) UK tradespeople having been propositioned at work by customers or passersby. 

Of the seven in 10 tradespeople who have experienced propositions whilst at work, the survey discovered that more than a fifth (22%) have encountered such instances over the past 12 months alone.

When discussing their experiences with us, a third (31%) of professionals shared that they have experienced unwanted physical contact whilst at work and of those who’ve been propositioned, two thirds (64%) revealed that it was by a customer, whereas a third (36%) have been propositioned by passersby whilst at their workplace. 

Following our findings we wanted to discover what impact these encounters have had on the trade industry. While over half of those surveyed (54%) did confirm they ‘weren’t phased’ by their experience of being propositioned at work, we did discover that unfortunately one in 20 (5%) tradespeople considered leaving the industry following their experience, and only a staggering one in 15 (7%) have spoken about encounters they’ve had with a boss or a member of their team. 

Now we did want to look at both sides and discover if tradespeople conform to the catcalling stereotype in 2022. One in ten (11%) of the professionals did admit that they’ve done this in some form historically, however it was good to see that the majority (88%) shared that they no longer would proposition or catcall someone, with some stating that they’ve done it in the past ‘due to a lack of education’ or because ‘it was a part of the trade culture’.

We hope by sharing our findings we can raise awareness and shed some light on the fact this is commonly happening in the trade industry. We hope that by educating both tradespeople and customers it spreads the message that it’s not OK for anyone to be made to feel uncomfortable in the workplace, or anywhere for that matter, and it should be reported when it happens.

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