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Plumbing, painting… and light bulbs: the DIY tasks that Brits can’t do

When it comes to DIY tasks around the house, most of us don’t know how to do the simplest of tasks until we move out and are put in the situations where we’re forced to do so. As we’re always looking to discover people’s DIY needs here at, we wanted to discover which DIY jobs Brits know how to do, and which ones they may be clueless on. 

Setting out to do this we surveyed 2,000 Brits and are now excited to reveal a list of the most common DIY/household tasks that adults do not know how to do. 

The top 10 DIY/household tasks Brits do not know how to do (and the percentage of people) are:

  1. Change a plug fuse – 73%
  2. Bleed a radiator – 66%
  3. Unblock a drain – 61%
  4. Reseal a bath/shower/sink – 59%
  5. Put up a shelf – 55%
  6. Change a lightbulb – 52%
  7. Use an electric drill – 35%
  8. Hang a picture on a wall – 27%
  9. Assemble flat pack furniture – 19%
  10. Paint a room – 15%

So now we knew what the tasks people struggle with the most, we then wanted to discover what Brits would do if they needed to complete any DIY tasks they were unfamiliar with. Of the participants surveyed, over two fifths (41%) confirmed that they would call a professional to complete the job for them, whereas a third (35%) stated that they would try to complete it themselves and the remaining quarter (24%) would rely on a partner, friend or family member to do it for them.

Of those who stated that they’d try to complete the task themselves, we discovered that men and women would approach a job very differently. Analysing our findings we found that half (52%) of female respondents would use YouTube or online tools to discover how to carry out the job, over a quarter would (28%) would ‘wing it’ and two in ten (20%) would ask someone else for a lesson on how to do it. 

When comparing this to male survey participants, three quarters (64%) of men admitted that they would ‘wing it’, a quarter (27%) would use YouTube or online tools to learn how to complete the job and less than one in ten (9%) would ask someone to teach them. 

This study has been very insightful and it’s clear that many people struggle with DIY tasks around the house so we hope by releasing our findings more people will try to learn the ropes and give these tasks a go – we promise most of them aren’t as hard as they sound!

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