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What Is Insulated Plasterboard?

08 June 2022

If you're looking to improve your home's thermal efficiency, insulated plasterboard is your one-stop-shop solution. Not only does it insulate walls, but it also dry lines them in a […]

Difference Between XPS and EPS Insulation

13 April 2022

Insulation is a critical component to consider when designing a functional, cost-effective, and energy-efficient building. Two of the most popular polystyrene insulation solutions you’ll come across when looking into […]

Grand Designs Guaranteed To Get Hearts Racing

12 April 2022

If you ever find yourself fancying a thriller to watch, or something to get your heart pumping, have you ever thought about putting on a home renovation show? Here […]

How and Where Is Rockwool Manufactured?

24 March 2022

Rockwool insulation is made from rock mineral which is then turns into a wool. Mineral wool is a natural material made from recycled rock, making it environmentally friendly. The process […]