Knauf Vapour Panel

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Knauf Vapour Panel, a distinctive product with a metallised polyester foil, is designed to offer an efficient vapour barrier. Compliant with international standards, this product is both effective and safe when used under recommended conditions.

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What is Knauf Vapour Panel?

  • A board with a metallised polyester foil laminated on the grey paper face.
  • It has an ivory face, a foil reverse, and a white core.
  • Details are printed on the board edge.

Knauf Vapour Panel Applications

  • Intended for use in accordance with BS 8000 British Standard Workmanship on building sites − Part 8: Code of practice for plasterboard partitions and dry linings.
  • Not suitable for areas consistently damp, humid, or above 50°C.

Knauf Vapour Panel Benefits

  • Effective Vapour Barrier: Designed to prevent moisture and vapour permeation.
  • Standard Compliant: Meets the BS EN 14190 standard and carries the CE mark.
  • Versatile: Can be used with related Knauf products like metal sections, drywall fixings, sealants, and more.
  • Safe Handling: With adherence to guidelines, users can ensure safety during product handling.

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