Knauf Moisture Panel

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The Knauf Moisture Panel is a specialised component within the Knauf high performance board range. Tailored to suit environments of high humidity and temporary external exposure, this panel embodies the versatility and advanced features of the Knauf brand.

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What is Knauf Moisture Panel?

  • A high-performance plasterboard.
  • Part of the Knauf high performance board range.
  • Specifically designed for areas with high humidity.
  • Suitable for temporary external exposure.
  • Meets the compliance standards of EN 520, Types A and H2.

Knauf Moisture Panel Applications

  • Ideal for internal areas prone to high humidity such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.
  • Suitable for spaces requiring temporary exposure to external conditions, like sunrooms or transitional spaces.
  • Can be implemented in both residential and commercial settings where moisture resistance is paramount.

Knauf Moisture Panel Benefits

  • High Performance: Goes beyond the standard plasterboard capabilities to cater to specific needs.
  • Versatility: Its suitability for high-humidity internal areas and temporary external exposure makes it adaptable for diverse applications.
  • Compliance Assured: Adheres to the stringent requirements of EN 520, Types A and H2, ensuring quality and reliability.

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