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The Knauf Fire Panel, identifiable by its unique pink paper face, offers advanced fire protection, positioning it not merely as a standard wallboard but as a trusted safeguard. When constructing or renovating spaces, choosing the Knauf Fire Panel is a step towards building a more secure environment. 

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What is Knauf Fire Panel?

  • A fire-resistant plasterboard designed for cladding components in partitions and lining systems.
  • Distinctively marked with a pink paper face.
  • Engineered to receive a plaster finish or direct decoration.
  • Contains unique additives that amplify its fire resistance, setting it apart from standard wallboards.

Knauf Fire Panel Applications

  • Knauf Performer Partitions: Ideal for lining escape routes, enhancing safety measures.
  • Knauf Shaftwall: Serves as an efficient lining system ensuring increased fire resistance.
  • Knauf MF Ceiling Systems: Perfect for areas necessitating higher fire performance standards.
  • Compatible with the full Knauf metal, jointing, and fixing range, ensuring optimal performance.

Knauf Fire Panel Benefits

  • Superior Fire Protection: Offers up to 120 minutes of fire protection when used within a Knauf system, outshining regular wallboards.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a variety of finishes, be it ready-mixed, traditional plaster, or direct decoration.
  • Elevated Performance: Designed with architects and contractors in mind.
  • Performance Assurance: Knauf System Performance Warranty backs each Fire Panel, guaranteeing quality.
  • Recognisable Design: The pink paper face ensures easy identification, reducing the chances of mistakes during installation.

Knauf Fire Panel Specifications

  • Thermal Conductivity: 0.24 W/mK
  • Compliance: Meets BS EN 520 Classification for both Type A & F
  • Reaction to Fire:
    • National Classification: “Limited combustibility”
    • European Classification: Rated as “A2”

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