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Xtratherm Insulated Plasterboard

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Xtratherm Insulated Plasterboard is a premium building material that provides a comprehensive solution for enhancing the thermal efficiency of walls and roofs. Designed with innovation and performance in mind, Xtratherm Insulated Plasterboard combines insulation and plasterboard into a single integrated product, simplifying the construction process and delivering outstanding results.

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What Is Xtratherm Insulated Plasterboard? 

Xtratherm Insulated Plasterboard is a high-performance building material that combines thermal insulation and plasterboard in a single product. 

With its exceptional thermal efficiency, seamless internal finish, durability, and compliance with building regulations, Xtratherm Insulated Plasterboard is a reliable choice for achieving energy-efficient and sustainable buildings. 

Xtratherm Insulated Plasterboard Applications

Xtratherm Insulated Plasterboard offers versatility in its applications, catering to a wide range of construction needs. 

It can be used in various areas such as walls, ceilings, and partitions, providing flexibility for different project requirements.

Whether for new constructions or renovations, Xtratherm Insulated Plasterboard offers an effective solution that delivers long-term benefits to builders, homeowners, and the environment.

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