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Mannok Insulated Plasterboard is a premium-grade building material that provides a comprehensive solution for enhancing both the thermal and acoustic performance of roof and wall structures. With a focus on efficiency and sustainability, Mannok Insulated Plasterboard combines the benefits of insulation and plasterboard in a single, integrated product, offering exceptional performance and ease of installation.

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What Is Mannok Insulated Plasterboard? 

Mannok Insulated Plasterboard is specifically designed to optimise the thermal performance of roofs and walls, ensuring minimal energy wastage and maintaining thermal efficiency throughout the building. 

By minimising heat transfer and eliminating thermal bridging, Mannok Therm Laminate-Kraft provides an efficient barrier against heat loss, enhancing the overall energy performance of the roof/wall structure.

What's more, Mannok Therm Laminate-Kraft / MLK PIR insulation has a paper facer which makes it suitable for dry-lining applications; it can be fixed in place using either dot-and-dab adhesive or mechanical fixings.

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