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Finding the thinnest possible insulation to provide an acceptable cavity whilst offering sufficient thermal performance is indeed a challenge; if you're not using EcoTherm cavity wall insulation that is. EcoTherm Eco-Cavity Wall Insulation Board is a partial fill cavity wall insulation solution designed for brick and block masonry walls. With a thermal conductivity of just 0.022 W/mK, these boards reap the thermal benefits of PIR insulation whilst providing a convenient residual air gap.

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These EcoTherm cavity boards are specifically designed to work in conjunction with traditional wall tie spacing (and brick and block dimensions) and can be used both in new builds and extensions of existing properties. 

Eco-Cavity Full Fill is engineered to insulate full-fill cavity wall applications, whilst maintaining a clear residual air gap. Not only does this residual cavity assist in minimising moisture transfer but it also accommodates mortar squeeze. 

Above all else, the boards ensure a continuous layer of insulation in external cavities where heat retention is a main priority. 

For insulating internal walls, products like Rockwool RWA45 100mm are the insulation of choice due to their sound-deadening properties.

EcoTherm Eco-Cavity Wall Insulation Specifications

  • Suitable for partial fill cavity wall insulation
  • Fibre-free rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation core with aluminium foil composite facing
  • The boards are sized at 1200mm x 450mm
  • Effective protection against wind-driven rain
  • Conveniently sized to allow the insertion of wall ties at the appropriate spacing
  • High level of thermal performance for thinner constructions
  • 10mm cavity helps resist moisture transfer and aids installation

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