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Exterior corners of walls and doors are often subject to impact and abrasions, and a durable chamfer architrave can help mitigate this. Chamfered architrave boasts a distinctive sloped profile and serves not only a cosmetic purpose but also has the ability to conceal rough seams and joints caused by timber shrinkage - a common complaint that occurs within the junctions between walls and doors. 

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Chamfered architrave moulding serves as both a functional and decorative border for an opening. While it is not necessary, it enhances interior design by adding harmony and bringing balance. 

Chamfered architraves boast a distinctive sloped profile with a subtle bevel, complementing other chamfered trim and fixtures to create a harmonious look throughout a home.

With its stylish effect, architrave acts as a final touch, similar to a skirting board, that brings a room together. In fact, its absence may be more noticeable than its presence; without an architrave, windows and doors can seem lacklustre and naked. Their absence can indeed bring about a sense of something missing within a structure. 

Here at Materials Market, we sell chamfered architraves in both softwood and primed finish chamfer MDF architrave suitable for a final paint finish. 

Unlike natural wood, primed MDF is free of natural defects, ensuring consistent good quality across boards.

Chamfered Architrave Applications

The architrave is placed where the wall of a room meets the door frame, providing an elegant covering to disguise any unseemly joints between stone and wood. 

By implementing chamfered architraves, you add beauty and subtle refinement to a space. With chamfered architraves, you can transform a mundane doorway into an elegant entrance; making small rooms feel more spacious and giving large ones that cosy homey feeling.

Chamfer Architrave Key Features

  • Adds the finishing touch to a door frame
  • Sourced from environmentally responsible suppliers 
  • Shields door frames from impact and jolts
  • Distinctive sloped profile with a subtle bevel
  • Conceals subpar plastering

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Should you require matching skirting, we also stock chamfered skirting boards

Frequently Asked Chamfered Architraves Questions

Are Architraves Necessary? 

So, is architrave a must-have for interior design? The answer is no. But there are plenty of reasons why you may want to include it in your decorating plans.

Above all else, architrave can be used as an elegant and stylish addition to any room. It's more than just the finishing touch – with the right choice of material and design pattern, you can use this feature to create a unique aesthetic that speaks volumes about your home’s personality.

What Is The Difference Between a Chamfer & a Bevel Edge?

A chamfer and a bevel are both forms of sloped edges, but there is a marked difference between the two. 

A chamfer is a type of edge that joins two surfaces at a 45-degree angle, whereas a bevel can have any angle other than 90 or 45 degrees. The term "bevel" refers to a slope in general, whereas "chamfer" refers to a specific type of bevel with a 45-degree angle.

What Materials Are Used in Architrave Manufacture?

When selecting an architrave material for your project, you are not limited to hardwood, softwood and MDF! With many diverse alternatives available such as rubber, plaster, ceramic tiles or aluminium - there is certain to be one that caters perfectly to your needs. 

Take time in making this decision and make sure it's the best fit for your project before committing.

What Is The Difference Between Primed & Raw MDF?

  • Raw MDF -  This product features no primer and will require a primer coat before any finishing products are applied. 
  • Primed MDF - This product comprises two coats of water based primer and is sanded between priming coats to ensure a consistent, smooth finish. Primed MDF requires a final paint finish. 

What Are Architrave Sets? 

An architrave door set is an economical and convenient option, providing everything you need to frame a single door/double door, depending on the application in question. These sets (be it a single or double door set) comprise a sufficient amount of architrave, ensuring you have enough material to finish your project.

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