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OSB3 Tongue and Groove

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Tongue and groove OSB3 Board is a hard-wearing building board ideal for roofing, flooring and areas of high humidity. Widely used in structural applications (manufactured in accordance with EN 13986), the boards can be employed in decorative, commercial and domestic applications. This versatile product is a trusted solution for contractors and installers alike. 

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Precision engineered for use in a majority of load-bearing applications, contractors rely on tongue and grooved OSB boards as a premium roofing and flooring panel. Typically used for construction, these sheets can also be used as sheathing materials on walls, floors and ceilings. 

We recommend using OSB3 for structural use in the following applications:

  • Wall sheathing
  • Roofing applications
  • Flooring applications - platform floors
  • Display boards
  • Furniture and concealment applications

OSB 3 Tongue & Groove Flooring Board Key Features: 

OSB3 board – also known as sterling board – is an extremely versatile engineered wood sheet material that promises quality results.

Strips and softwood flakes of wood are layered with an adhesive resin and then hot-pressed into a panel. This strength lends itself to OSB3's performative superiority over its sister board OSB2. 

While Class 2 OSB sheets can only be used for non-load bearing applications in dry conditions, OSB3 is an ideal solution for structural, load-bearing uses in humid conditions in housing applications. The boards are edge-coated with a proprietary water-resistant sealer to lessen the chances of edge swelling.

Let's check the specs and many benefits of OSB3 T&G:

  • Relatively easily sealed against the elements - suitable for interior or exterior structural applications
  • Precision engineered tongued and grooved board
  • Edges machined to the finest tolerance for a snug and secure fit
  • A reliable structural panel for house building and structural roofing
  • Suitable for humid conditions - (Service Class 1 & 2)
  • Carries the FSC certification and CE Mark
  • Superb load-bearing properties
  • Durable building board
  • BBA approved
  • Cost-effective alternative to plywood

OSB Board for Humid Conditions

Thanks to the resin binders and wax involved in its manufacturing process, OSB sheet material is tolerant of both moisture and humidity. While the OSB2 board is only suitable for dry conditions, OSB3 board can withstand more challenging conditions. Despite this being the case, it is always a good idea to add further weather protection if you are planning to use it for permanent outdoor use.

You can do this by adding weather-proof exterior paint. Follow the exterior paint with a wood waterproofing sealant. Allow 12-14 hours for it to dry before installing it - you can add a second coat if required.

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