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OSB3 Board

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Purpose-built to withstand high humidity and high levels of stress, Oriented Strand Board (OSB) is a multilayer board made up of (you guessed it) 'oriented strands'. This unique formation of wood fibres is what lends itself to the boards' excellent load-bearing capacity and attractive wood-patterned finish. The boards' BBA classification permits use in an array of applications such as commercial and domestic roofing and flooring. We stock OSB3 in thicknesses: 9mm, 11mm and 18mm.

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OSB boards are created to be sturdy - as such, they outperform other engineered wood products--like plywood and chipboard--in tests of shear strength.  Because of their universal ability to withstand pressure and weight, OSBs can be used for an array of construction projects.

Despite their superiority in strength, OSB boards generally tend to be cheaper than plywood, further making them viable for a wide range of applications such as sub-flooring.

OSB3 Applications

Oriented Strand Boards are suitable for use in a variety of exterior and interior applications, such as wall sheathing, roofing and flooring applications. Due to their moisture-resistant properties, the boards can also be utilised in long-term site hoardings.

As well as being a heavyweight load-bearing construction board, OSB boards are equally effective in both domestic and decorative applications.

We recommend Square Edged OSB 3 for structural use in the following applications:

  • Building a garden shed or a summer house - great flooring or wall sheathing solution

  • In shop fittings - to provide racking or exhibition stands for heavy items

  • Wall sheathing

  • Flooring & roofing applications

  • Roof decking

  • Site hoarding

  • Sarking applications

Squared Edge OSB3 Key Features

  • Developed with sustainable, organic materials to align with the current demand for ecological living - focused on preventing the depletion of natural or physical resources

  • Use in a variety of structural applications

  • Versatile and moisture resistant - enhanced resistance to humid conditions

  • FSC/PEFC Certified

  • General purpose alternative to softwood and plywood

  • Used extensively in renovation work and new projects

  • Stronger than chipboard products and non-structural plywood

  • The boards are manufactured to EN 300 performance standards

  • BBA approved
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