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Masonry joist hangers play a vital role in masonry construction, providing secure and reliable connections between timber joist components and masonry supports. By distributing loads, enhancing strength, and protecting against moisture damage, these hangers contribute to the overall structural integrity and longevity of masonry projects. 

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What Are Masonry Joist Hangers? 

Masonry joist hangers are specialised metal connectors designed to provide a strong and reliable attachment between wood or steel joists and masonry walls or supports. 

A typical masonry hanger is fabricated from galvanised steel or other corrosion-resistant materials, ensuring long-term durability and structural stability. 

They feature a series of strategically placed nail holes or fastening points to securely connect the joists to the masonry components.

Key Features - Masonry Joist Hanger

  • Timber to masonry support - Designed to support timber joists from brick or block walls/ steel beams
  • Ideal for supporting timber joists, beams and trussed rafters from masonry walls
  • Typically features an inspection slot to aid inspection
  • A key component in providing greatly enhanced resistance to joist movement
  • The top flange offers the broadest surface area in contact with the masonry support

Timber To Masonry Joist - Installation Considerations

  • To ensure proper installation, it is important that the back plate of the joist hanger is in direct contact with the supporting masonry
  • Prior to applying any load, a minimum of 675mm of fully cured masonry should be present above the joist hanger flanges
  • When fitting timber joists, it is recommended to cut them square and align them closely with the back face of the hanger, allowing for a maximum permissible gap of 6mm (maximum gap permitted is 6mm)
  • For achieving a level surface with plasterboards, it is advised to notch the base of the hanger to accommodate the ceiling joists

Frequently Asked Masonry Joist Hangers Questions

How Do Masonry Joist Hangers Work?

Masonry Joist Hangers feature a bracket-like design that wraps around the timber joist and is embedded or attached to the masonry or concrete surface using suitable anchors or fasteners. 

They provide structural support and help distribute the load evenly.

Are Masonry Joist Hangers Easy to Install?

Yes, Masonry Joist Hangers are designed for ease of installation. They typically come with pre-punched nail holes or screw holes for secure attachment. It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and use appropriate fasteners for proper installation.

Are There Any Maintenance Requirements for Masonry Joist Hangers?

Masonry Joist Hangers are generally low maintenance. 

However, periodic inspections should be conducted to ensure that they remain securely attached and free from any signs of damage or deterioration. 

Any necessary repairs or replacements should be carried out promptly.

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