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Difference Between XPS and EPS Insulation

13 April 2022

Insulation is a critical component to consider when designing a functional, cost-effective, and energy-efficient building. Two of the most popular polystyrene insulation solutions you’ll come across when looking into […]

Insulation Installation Safety Precautions

09 April 2022

You've decided you want to install some insulation in your home yourself, you have your insulation and you're ready to go. If you haven't got your insulation then you […]

How and Where Is Rockwool Manufactured?

24 March 2022

Rockwool insulation is made from rock mineral which is then turns into a wool. Mineral wool is a natural material made from recycled rock, making it environmentally friendly. The process […]

Solutions For Soundproofing a Home

20 March 2022

When looking for reliable home soundproofing solutions, it's crucial to consider the sound absorption qualities of the material in question. The material that you choose to insulate your space […]

Guide To Celotex Insulation Thickness

20 March 2022

When it comes to insulating your home, Celotex PIR insulation boards are a great option. But how do you know which thickness you need? The GA4000, TB4000, and XR4000 are […]