50mm Metal I Stud

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Peek behind the façade of the well-designed spaces we inhabit, and you'll find a network of hidden structural components such as the 50mm metal I stud. In the realm of drywall construction, the 50mm metal I stud, while not vying for attention, is a sturdy element that forms the structural backbone, ensuring the integrity and stability of our buildings.

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What Are 50mm Metal I Studs? 

Crafted from high-grade galvanised steel, 50mm metal I studs form a crucial part of the drywall framework in constructing walls and partitions. 

These components, named for their 'I' shaped profile, provide a sturdy backbone to plasterboard systems, ensuring that your walls stay upright and robust.

They are used to accommodate higher partitions without impacting partition width, allowing for increased height and providing ultimate impact resistance. 

Metal I Stud's Role In Metal Partitioning 

The ‘I’ Stud is an I-shaped metal section purposed for use in conjunction with U Track to provide framework for partitions and wall linings. I studs are usually located in a floor or head track.

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