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In today's world, where energy efficiency and sustainability are paramount, finding effective insulation solutions is crucial. SuperFOIL is a leading company in the insulation industry, offering high-performance multifoil insulation solutions that improve energy efficiency, enhance thermal performance, and contribute to comfortable living and working environments. SuperFOIL insulation offers a comprehensive range of products designed to optimise thermal performance, reduce heat loss, and enhance energy efficiency in various applications. 

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What Is SuperFOIL Insulation? 

SuperFOIL Insulation is a leading brand in the field of multifoil insulation and is best known for its high-quality multilayered solutions, which comprise multiple reflective foil layers to create an effective barrier against heat transfer.

Offering outstanding R-values and ensuring a continuous layer of insulation, SuperFOIL minimises heat loss, contributing to energy savings and increased comfort within any given living space. 

Its inherent versatility allows for easy installation in both new builds and renovation projects, making it a practical choice for various construction scenarios.

SuperFOIL Insulation: Key Features and Benefits

  • High thermal performance
  • Ensures a more comfortable living space
  • Acts as an effective radiant barrier, reflecting heat back into the living space
  • Prevents excessive solar gain during summer months and minimises heat loss during winter
  • SuperFOIL products, such as the breather membrane roll (SuperFOIL SF40BB), help to prevent the formation of mould and damp 
  • Breathable qualities allow moisture to escape from the building while maintaining an airtight seal

SuperFOIL SF19+ Multi-Layer Foil Insulation

SuperFOIL SF19+ Multi-Layer is a certified, 3-in-1 multifoil insulation product that offers exceptional performance and a range of benefits in roof and wall applications. 

It combines high-quality insulation, a crucial vapour control layer, and an effective radiant barrier in one singular product.

This innovative solution not only provides excellent thermal insulation but also protects your project from condensation-related issues.

For full details, please refer to individual product pages. 

SuperFOIL SF19BB Breathable Multifoil Insulation

SuperFOIL SF19BB Breathable Multifoil Insulation is an innovative product designed specifically for use on roofs and walls. 

It represents a significant advancement in insulation technology, offering a fully breathable solution with a 3-in-1 design. With SuperFOIL SF19BB, you can enjoy the benefits of high-performance insulation, a breather membrane, and a radiant barrier all in one comprehensive solution.

By choosing SuperFOIL SF19BB Breathable Multifoil insulation, you streamline your construction process by consolidating two essential tasks into one. 

Traditional insulation methods typically require the installation of both a separate breathable membrane and insulation. 

However, with SuperFOIL SF19BB, the breathable nature of the insulation eliminates the need for a separate membrane, saving you time, effort, and unnecessary work.

Achieving Specific U-Values and Saving Money With SuperFOIL

SuperFOIL insulation offers a range of products with varying thicknesses, allowing you to achieve specific U-values for your project. 

By combining different SuperFOIL products and employing insulation build-up techniques, you can meet and exceed the required thermal performance standards. 

Frequently Asked SuperFOIL Multifoil Questions

Where Can I Install Multifoil Insulation? 

Multi-foil insulation is one of the most versatile forms of insulation available on the market, as it can be used for many different types of projects, including:

  • Pitched roofs
  • Flat roofs
  • Lofts
  • Walls
  • Floors

What Is Solar Gain? 

Solar gain refers to the elevation in thermal energy that a building or space experiences due to solar radiation. 

When sunlight illuminates a structure, certain materials such as walls, windows, and roofs absorb a portion of the solar energy. This absorbed energy subsequently transforms into heat, leading to a rise in the internal temperature of the building or space.

How Do Multifoil Insulation Products Work? 

Foil insulation products target the three primary mechanisms that facilitate heat transfer; radiation, conduction and convection.

The low-emissivity reflective layers within foil insulation function as an airtight barrier, reducing the chance of condensation in your build. 

Not only do these surfaces reflect heat back into your project in winter, but they also can control the amount of solar radiation entering the building in summer to make for a cooler, more comfortable living environment.

The layers of wadding between these reflective surfaces serve to trap air; this is how multifoil rolls prevent conduction. Each roll has either a fibrous core (which reduces heat loss through convection and conduction) or a bubble-like structure (which contains pockets of air that reduce heat transfer).

Browse our range of Foil insulation products and get the perfect solution delivered direct to your door at an exceptional value. From foil tape to insulation blankets, we stock it all. 

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