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Superglass Acoustic Insulation

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Superglass Acoustic Insulation is an embodiment of quietude, efficiency, and sustainability. It underscores Superglass' commitment to creating advanced, high-performing solutions that cater to the evolving needs of modern living and working spaces. These non-combustible glass mineral wool insulation rolls are more than just products; they're a step towards a quieter, more comfortable, and energy-efficient world.

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What Is Superglass Acoustic Roll? 

Born from advanced technology, Superglass Acoustic Insulation is composed of high-density glass mineral wool. 

This material choice, coupled with its design, gives the product its exceptional sound-absorbing characteristics, effectively minimising the transmission of unwanted noise and fostering serene environments.

This acoustic insulation does more than just attenuate sound. It is characterised by versatility and adaptability, seamlessly fitting into a myriad of applications. 

Whether it's the walls of residential homes, the partition walls in office buildings, or the inner workings of an industrial facility, Superglass Acoustic Insulation is equipped to meet a broad range of soundproofing needs.

But Superglass Acoustic Insulation isn't just about sound dampening. It brings to the table the added advantage of thermal insulation, contributing to a more energy-efficient space. 

By reducing heat transfer, it aids in maintaining optimal indoor temperatures, thereby promoting comfort while conserving energy.

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