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Superglass Acoustic Insulation are non-combustible glass mineral wool insulation products that offer excellent sound absorption performance. These rolls provide thermal and acoustic insulation between and over common stud/joist spacings, leading to minimal gaps.

If you're looking for a sound-absorbing insulation solution, Superglass' Acoustic Insulation Rolls showcase a low density, meaning more sound is absorbed into the material, in turn improving the acoustics within a project.

In summary, both the Superglass Multi Acoustic and Partition Roll are designed to provide thermal and acoustic insulation in a range of applications whilst adhering to environmental guidelines.

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What Are Superglass Acoustic Insulation Rolls?

Superglass uses its innovative glass mineral wool insulation roll material to assist the product's performance in domestic use. Glass mineral wool insulation rolls have excellent sound absorption capabilities due to their internal micro-structure of interwoven fibres. Manufactured through a process in which glass is melted and spun, glass fibre strands are produced, these strands are then bundled together to create a wool. 

As a result of this process, millions of tiny air pockets are made, which promote the absorption of sound waves, dissimilar to other insulation types that act as a passage for sound to pass through.

  • Superglass Acoustic Partition Roll: Produced with a minimum density of 10kg/m³, the low density means sound energy is lessened. Supplied at 25, 40, and 50mm thicknesses providing various levels of sound absorption and thermal conductivity.
  • Superglass Multi Acoustic Roll: Produced with a minimum density of 10kg/m³ and supplied at 60, 75, 80, 100mm thicknesses providing various levels of sound absorption and thermal conductivity.

Additionally, combined with the levels of thicknesses, the flexible roll ensures adaptability between varying spacings, projects and applications.

Where Can Superglass Acoustic Insulation Be Used?

  • Superglass Acoustic Partition Roll: Primarily used as a partition insulation for internal walls and floors. The roll is also partially perforated at 2x600mm widths or uncut at 1200mm.
  • Superglass Multi Acoustic Roll: Generally used as insulation between common stud/joist spacings, minimising gaps in between joints. The roll is also partially perforated at either 2x600mm widths or 3x400mm. 

Superglass Acoustic Insulation Benefits

  • Eco-Friendly - Made from up to 84% recycled glass 
  • Non-Combustible - Awarded the highest fire classification, Euroclass A1
  • Nominal Density
    • 18kg/m³ for 25mm thicknesses - APR
    • 16kg/m³ for 40mm and 50mm thicknesses - APR
    • 10kg/m³ for all thicknesses - Multi Acoustic Roll
  • Nominal Vapour Resistivity - 5 MNs/gm, reduces condensation by maintaining humidity level
  • Optimal Thermal Performance
    • 0.036 W/mK value - 25mm APR
    • 0.038 W/mK value - 40mm and 50mm APR
    • 0.044 W/mK value - Multi Acoustic Roll
  • Standardised Sizing - Partial perforation for multiple applications, ensuring minimum onsite cutting and waste and leading to an easy installation process
  • Resilient Composition - Non-hygroscopic - prevents rotting, degradation and the growth of mould, nor will it sustain bacteria or fungi

Superglass Acoustic Insulation Certifications

BS EN is British and European Standard Specifications. The British Standards Institute, with over 100 years of experience, is recognised as the UK’s National standards body.

  • Euroclass A1 - when tested to BS EN 13501-1 Reaction to Fire
  • Approved Document E (England & Wales) - Sound absorption performance 
  • Environmental Management Systems - ISO 14001
  • BRE Green Guide Rating: A+
  • Manufactured in accordance with - 
    • BS EN 13162:2012(+A1:2015)
    • BS EN 13172:2012BS 
    • EN ISO 9001
  • UKCA Certified to BS EN 13162:2012+A1:2015
  • CE Marked to EN 13162:2012+A1:2015
  • Environmental Product Declaration - Contains no ozone-depleting substances nor does it produce greenhouse gases

Superglass Acoustic Insulation Handling/Storage

Superglass has compressed the product inside a polythene casing to provide short-term protection. Store indoors and away from environmental damage if the product needs to be stored for extensive lengths of time.

The product should not be left permanently exposed to the elements

Frequently Asked Superglass Acoustic Roll Questions

Can Superglass Acoustic Insulation Work As A Thermal Insulant?

You'll notice that acoustic insulation rolls will still have thermal insulation properties such as an optimal thermal conductivity metric ranging from. 0.036-0.044 W/mK. So in summary, yes they can still work as a thermal solution. However, explore our thermal insulation roll range.

What Is APR Insulation?

APR stands for Acoustic Partition Roll.

How Does The Low Density Of Superglass Acoustic Insulation Affect Its Acoustic Properties?

For better acoustics and resonance within a space, materials with a lower density are more suitable. The fibre matrix of glass mineral wool allows sound to be absorbed within the voids of the material, rather than reflecting sound energy like high-density materials.

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