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Knauf FrameTherm is a range of glass wool insulation products specifically designed for timber-framed constructions. One of the standout features of FrameTherm products is their non-combustible nature. This range has been rigorously tested and classified with a Euroclass A1 reaction to fire rating, offering peace of mind and ensuring the highest level of fire safety in your construction projects. This makes FrameTherm an ideal choice for applications where fire resistance is paramount.

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What is Knauf FrameTherm Roll?

Knauf FrameTherm Roll is a high-quality glass mineral wool insulation specifically designed for insulating timber frame applications between studwork. 

Specially designed to friction fit between timber studs, this innovative insulation solution effectively prevents air movement and infiltration, minimising heat loss and maximising energy efficiency. 

With its ready-cut feature, installation becomes quick and simple, saving you valuable time and effort on-site. 

The rolls are meticulously cut into sizes that perfectly accommodate timber stud spacing, ensuring a seamless fit and optimal insulation performance.

Knauf FrameTherm Roll is available in various thicknesses to meet the specific insulation requirements of different construction projects.

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