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Insulation Screws & Fixings (20 Products)

When installing insulation boards on the underside of a pitched roof or in a cavity wall, you must use something to keep them in place. Here at Materials Market, we offer a range of screws, fixings and clips with which to do this. These are available in a variety of sizes depending on the thickness of your insulation. We sell fastening solutions suitable for anchoring insulation boards to substrates such as concrete, bricks & blocks.

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Insulation Screws & Fixings

Types of Insulation Fixings

Fixings and fasteners are a critical consideration when securing insulation boards in any thermal system, new or retrofit.

From helical fixings to stick pins, there are a variety of fixings available on the market for varying purposes. 

Let's explore a few that we sell below. 

Plastic Insulation Fixings

Manufactured from an impact-resistant copolymer, these fixings are designed to anchor insulation material to concrete and masonry substrate materials. 

Stick Pins c/w Washer

Metal stick pins are used to fasten pre-formed insulation materials to metal surfaces. This includes glass fibre, mineral wall, polystyrene, rigid and flexible PU foam, PIR and similar materials.

Metal Insulation Supports 8mm

Metal Insulation Supports are purposed to fix insulation boards and membranes to walls and ceilings. 

Insulation Retaining Clips 65mm

These clips are designed to secure insulation against the inner leaf of a cavity wall.

Zinc-Plated Insulation Discs 85mm

This product is ideal for holding lighter or softer insulation to masonry walls using metal insulation fixings, as it provides a larger surface area. To use, slide the fixing through prior to installation.

Mechanical Fasteners Applications

  • Fixing thermal insulation alongside an adhered single-ply membrane
  • Fixing thermal insulation along with a mechanically fastened single-ply membrane
  • Fastening a single-ply membrane in a warm roof construction

Frequently Asked Insulation Screws & Fixings Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Insulations Fixings

What Insulation Board Fixings Should I Use To Install Fire Resistant Insulation? 

We recommend opting for a non-combustible mechanical fixing such as zinc-plated carbon-steel and stainless-steel fittings. 

Metal fixes are classed as A1 on the Euroclass scale, deeming them non-combustible and in line with the requirements of BS EN 13501. 

Do You Sell Drywall Screws?

We do, indeed. Find them underneath 'Plasterboard Fixings' in the 'Drylining Accessories' section. 

Alternatively, click here. Should you need to navigate any other building materials, simply refer to our category headers for quick results. 

Why Should I Use Washers When Fastening Insulation? 

The hole in the middle of washers is designed to accommodate screws or bolts. This helps to keep the screw secure and prevent it from loosening. 

It also aids in distributing the load from the nut or bolt head across a wider area, preventing damage to the fasteners themselves.