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Concrete gravel boards may not be the most glamorous or exciting part of your fence but they're essential for maintaining its integrity. These long, thin slabs of concrete are designed to sit at the bottom of your fence, between the ground and the fence panels themselves to defend against insect and moisture damage.

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What Are Concrete Gravel Boards? 

Concrete gravel boards are a popular and durable option for garden fencing and landscaping projects. In addition to their ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions, such as moisture, insects and decay, they also offer unique design opportunities that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of any outdoor space.

Another benefit of concrete gravel boards is their weight and stability, which can help to keep your fence panel in place and reduce the risk of movement or damage over time. This is especially important for fencing located in areas with high wind or heavy rain, where stability is crucial.

The Many Benefits of Using Concrete Gravel Boards

Concrete gravel boards are an essential part of any fencing system, but they often get overlooked in favour of more glamorous fence components.

However, these simple slabs of concrete offer a range of benefits that can help to ensure the longevity and stability of your fence.

Let's explore a few of these below.

Concrete Gravel Boards - Durability

One of the biggest benefits of concrete gravel boards is their durability. They are built to last and can withstand harsh weather conditions, including rain, snow, and extreme temperatures.

Unlike timber gravel boards, which are prone to rotting and decay over time, concrete gravel boards will not deteriorate and require little maintenance.

Concrete Gravel Boards - Stability

Another advantage of concrete gravel boards is their weight and stability. These concrete bases provide a strong anchor for your fence panels, ensuring that they remain securely in place.

This is especially important in areas with high winds, where fence panels can be easily blown over or damaged. Concrete gravel boards provide extra stability and support, making them an ideal choice for windy locations.

Concrete Gravel Boards - Design Flexibility

Concrete gravel boards are also highly versatile in terms of design. They can be customised to match the look and feel of your garden or outdoor space, with a variety of different textures, colours, and finishes available.

From modern and sleek to rustic and traditional, there is a concrete gravel board to suit any style preference.

For all other fencing products, including wooden gravel boards (in a range of lengths), fence panels and fence posts, check out our extensive range on our fencing products homepage

Frequently Asked Concrete Gravel Boards Questions

Can I Paint Or Stain My Concrete Gravel Boards?

Yes, concrete gravel boards can be painted or stained to match your fence panels and outdoor decor.

Can You Use Concrete Gravel Boards With Wooden Posts?

Concrete gravel boards can be easily incorporated into both existing concrete fence posts by simply inserting them, or when used with wooden fence posts require the added use of gravel board brackets.

How Long Does a Gravel Board Last?

The lifespan of a gravel board depends largely on its composition. If it is made from untreated wood, then it will likely only last a few years before replacement is necessary. However, if high-quality pressure-treated wood was used, the gravel board can reasonably last up to seven or eight years.

Concrete gravel boards, on the other hand, are a whole different story. As concrete is largely resistant to damp and moisture, as long as it sustained no damage, these types of gravel boards could theoretically last a lifetime.

Are Gravel Boards Essential?

At first glance, gravel boards may appear to be superfluous and an unnecessary expense for your garden fence - but in actuality, these additions will save you money due to their ability to enhance the overall longevity of your fence. 

Not only will gravel boards give your fence and outdoor space a finished look and seal any gaps, but they also afford you the additional advantage of complete privacy. 

They’re also great at preventing damage to your panels caused by:

  • Lawn mowers
  • Strimmers
  • Digging/fork/spadework
  • Impact damage from sports and ball games

At Materials Market, we recognise that no two customers have the same requirements for their fencing; accordingly, our inventory of timber and concrete gravel boards is tailored to your specific needs and carefully selected from only the most trusted suppliers. 

We provide a wide range of heights and lengths so you can find the perfect product for your project. 

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