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As a renowned cement manufacturer, Mannok Cement stands as a symbol of unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. With a rich history and a strong reputation in the industry, Mannok Cement continues to deliver exceptional products that meet the diverse needs of builders, contractors, and DIY enthusiasts. We stock two of Mannok Cement's most reputed cement products from their bagged cement range: Mannok General Purpose Cement and Mannok Premium Grade Cement.

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Mannok General Purpose Cement 

Unlock the versatility of Mannok General Purpose Cement, a reliable solution for various construction applications, including concrete, mortar, plastering, and screeding. 

Whether you're tackling extensive projects or smaller repairs, this cement delivers exceptional performance.

Not only is the cement easy to handle but by using a single product that is suitable for use in any building application, it eliminates the need for purchasing different types of cement, reducing both material costs and the complexity of managing various supplies.

Mannok Premium Grade Cement

Not to be confused with Mannok Master Grade Cement (which can be distinguished by its bright blue plastic weatherproof packaging), Mannok Premium Grade Cement is a high-quality Portland-limestone cement that adheres to the stringent standards set forth in BS EN 197-1: 2011. 

A testament to Mannok Cement's unwavering commitment to quality, this premium grade product has obtained CE marking (Certificate of Conformity No. 0050-CPR-0465), demonstrating its compliance with industry regulations and operating under a rigorous Factory Production Control system at attestation level 1+.

Specially designed to meet the demands of high-strength applications which require higher strength cement like screeds, concrete, plastering, and mortar, Mannok Premium Grade Cement conforms to the European Directive 2003/53/EC, which emphasises the importance of limiting soluble Chromium VI content to below 2ppm. 

To achieve these unique properties, Ferrous Sulphate is employed within the manufacturing process; a carefully selected component that effectively controls the level of Chromium VI in the resulting cement.

On the market, this product is more typically referred to as CEM II /A-L 42.5N, a symbol of superior quality and exceptional performance. 

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