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Lafarge Cement

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As a leading cement manufacturer, Lafarge Cement utilises state-of-the-art technology and operates cement plant sites across the globe. A trusted name in the industry and part of the prestigious Holcim Group, Lafarge Cement utilises its many cement plants to produce trusted and quality assured BS standard packed cement solutions.

Whether you're looking for a rapid setting and hardening cement or reliable ready mixed concrete, find it all on our Cements & Limes page

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Lafarge General Purpose+ Cement

This versatile cement, made from high-quality CEM I Portland cement with limestone additions, guarantees excellent performance in various applications.

Whether you're working on concrete, mortar, or other DIY applications, Lafarge General Purpose Cement offers durability and reliability you can count on.

Sustainable Cement Technology

General Purpose+ cement is produced using sustainable cement technology and enriched with limestone additions, resulting in less bleeding and segregation. 

Not only that, but it also boasts a lower embodied CO2 compared to traditional CEM I Portland cement. 

What's more, its clever plastic packaging enables convenient outdoor storage; a rarity among the majority of bagged cement products. 

Lafarge Premium Cement

When you demand the best, turn to Lafarge Premium Cement. Crafted for ambitious construction projects, this top-tier cement sets the bar high.

This innovative cement, enriched with limestone additions, ensures outstanding performance and reduces wastage onsite. 

With a strength class of 42,5N, this cement delivers outstanding performance in a wide range of applications, including concreting, bricklaying, floor screeding, and rendering. 

Say goodbye to bleeding issues, thanks to its innovative formulation, and embrace sustainability with lower CO2 emissions. 

Rest assured, this product is backed by the CE mark, the ultimate symbol of reliability in any construction project.

Frequently Asked Lafarge Cement Questions

What Is The Difference Between Lime Mortar & Cement Mortar? 

  • A lime mortar tends to be whiter in colour, whilst a greyer shade would suggest it's most likely Portland cement 
  • Unlike cement mortar, lime mortar is permeable and allows vapour to pass through - a healthier option for humidity regulation
  • Lime sets at a much slower rate than cement mortar, making it far more workable
  • Cement also tends to be more brittle and more likely to crack 

How Is Cement Made? 

The first step of the cement manufacturing process begins with mining limestone and other raw materials. After quarrying, the rock is crushed. 

The crushed rock is then combined with other minerals, like clay and iron ore, in a cement kiln. Cement kilns are most often fuelled by coal, however, the use of alternative fuels in cement kilns is now widespread and increasing.

The resulting substance of heating these raw materials at high temperatures is called clinker. Clinker is ground up by cement plants into a fine powder and mixed with gypsum to produce cement. 

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