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As a company with a rich heritage and a focus on sustainable practices, Hanson Cement combines traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to produce cement that meets the highest standards of quality and performance. Their dedication to innovation and continuous improvement allows them to provide reliable solutions for a wide range of construction projects. Whether it's their General Purpose Cement suited for general purpose use, Fast Set Cement, High-Performance Cement, or any other product from their extensive range of packed cement, Hanson Cement has established itself as a go-to choice for builders, contractors, and individuals seeking exceptional cement products.

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What Is Hanson Cement? 

With deep roots tracing back to the early 19th century, Hanson UK Cement stands as a testament to longevity and expertise in the cement production industry. Formerly known as Castle Cement, the company underwent a transformative rebranding in 2009 and is now proudly owned by HeidelbergCement, a global leader in building materials.

Throughout its storied history, Hanson Cement has been at the forefront of innovation, continuously pushing boundaries to deliver top-quality cement products. With a strong commitment to excellence, they have become a trusted name in the United Kingdom's construction landscape.

Hanson Multicem Cement

Discover the exceptional capabilities of Hanson Multicem Cement, a reliable and high-performance Portland Limestone cement. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it undergoes rigorous quality control measures to ensure consistent results in every application.

Whether you're working on concrete, mortar, render, or screeds, Hanson Multicem Cement offers the versatility you need. Its strength class 32,5R designation guarantees robust and durable structures that withstand the test of time.

Multicem is formulated to provide the ideal consistency for spreading and optimum water retention, ensuring excellent workability and enhanced durability in mortars. 

As is common knowledge within the construction industry, when hardened mortar is subjected to frost, it can weaken and compromise the strength of the surrounding structure. Multicem combats this by entraining air and contributing to superior plastic properties in concrete, bolstering the strength of the resulting structure. 

Rest assured knowing that Hanson Multicem Cement goes above and beyond industry standards; its CE Marked certification and strict adherence to BS EN 197-1 requirements guarantee unrivalled quality and reliability you can trust.

Hanson General Purpose

When it comes to versatility, reliability, and uncompromising quality, Hanson General Purpose Cement takes the lead. 

As hinted in its name, this premier Portland Limestone cement offers unparalleled versatility. From general-purpose concrete to mortar, render, and screeds, Hanson General Purpose Cement proves its worth across a wide range of applications.

As well as being highly versatile, it also excels in its certifications. Crafted with precision and care, Hanson General Purpose Cement utilises carefully selected raw materials and undergoes rigorous quality control at every stage of production. The result? A consistent final product that delivers exceptional performance.

Meticulously manufactured to meet the rigorous requirements of EN 197-1, this cement achieves strength class 32,5R or 42.5N (depending on the version).

Please be aware that for applications requiring enhanced resistance to sulfates, it is recommended to utilise Hanson Low Carbon/Sulfate-Resisting Cement.

Hanson Fast Set Postfix Cement

Experience the convenience of Hanson Fast Set Postfix Cement, the go-to solution for quick and hassle-free post installations. 

Supplied in a user-friendly 20kg bag, this product offers simplicity at its finest - just add water and watch it work its magic. Hanson's specialist mix provides optimal support to the post even before the addition of water. 

With its rapid setting time of under 3 minutes, it's perfect for projects where time is of the essence. Each bag contains enough material for one post, ensuring minimal wastage. 

Easy to use and trusted by professionals and DIY enthusiasts, Hanson Fast Set Postfix Cement delivers efficiency and long-lasting results, providing a solid foundation for fences, gates, and outdoor structures.

Whether you're looking for a rapid setting and hardening cement or reliable ready mixed concrete, find it all on our Cements & Limes page

Frequently Asked Hanson Cement Questions

What Is Standard CEM II? 

CEM II / B-S 42,5R stands as a distinctive cement formulation achieved through the meticulous grinding of Portland clinker, granulated blast-furnace slag (6-20% in line with EN 197-1), and gypsum. 

It presents remarkable 2-day strengths ranging from 26 to 32 MPa and consistent 28-day strengths of 55 to 61 MPa. 

This cement blend is specifically tailored for intricate concrete structures that demand exceptional performance and endurance. 

Where Can Hanson Cement Be Applied? 

Hanson Cement can be used for various applications such as concrete, mortar, render, screeds, and post fixing.

Is Hanson Cement Quality Assured? 

Yes, Hanson Cement is quality assured, adhering to industry standards and regulations to ensure consistent quality and performance in a range of cement works and applications.

Does Hanson Cement Comply With Construction Regulations? 

Yes, Hanson Cement is CE Marked in accordance with Construction Products Regulation 305/2011/EU, ensuring it meets the necessary requirements.

Can Hanson Cement Withstand Challenging Weather Conditions? 

Yes, Hanson Cement is designed to offer excellent weather resistance, providing durability and reliability even in adverse weather conditions.

Can I Use Hanson Cement For Both Professional and DIY Projects? 

Absolutely, Hanson Cement is suitable for professionals, tradesmen, and DIY enthusiasts, offering versatility and convenience for various construction tasks.

How Can I Store Hanson Cement?

Hanson Cement comes in waterproof packaging, making it suitable for outdoor storage. It is recommended to keep it in a dry and secure location.

What Are The Optimum Mixing Proportions for Hanson Cement? 

The optimum mix proportions for Hanson Cement may vary depending on the specific application and desired characteristics of the concrete or mortar. 

It is recommended to follow the guidelines provided by Hanson or consult the product packaging for the recommended mixing ratios. 

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