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Reinforcement coil, also known as reinforcement wire or reinforcing coil, is a construction material used to strengthen concrete structures. It is typically made from high-quality steel and comes in the form of a continuous wire or coil. The reinforcement coil is embedded within the concrete to provide tensile strength and improve the overall structural integrity of the concrete element. It helps to distribute the tensile forces evenly throughout the concrete, preventing cracking and increasing its load-bearing capacity. Reinforcement coils find widespread usage in diverse construction applications, most commonly brick and block work, where there is a need for enhanced strength and durability.

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What Is Reinforcement Coil? 

Reinforcement coil, also known as reinforcing coil or rebar coil, refers to a rolled steel product used in construction to provide additional strength and reinforcement to concrete structures. 

It is typically formed from high-quality steel and has a ribbed or deformed surface to enhance the bond between the coil and the surrounding concrete.

They play a crucial role in reinforcing concrete structures and ensuring their durability and resistance to tension and bending forces.

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