Wood Reciprocating Saw Blades

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Wood reciprocating saw blades are shock and heat-resistant, bi-metal attachments for reciprocating saw machines. Suitable for machines with a 1/2" shank, the blades are designed for general cutting, scroll, trees, damp wood, and nail-embedded wood.

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What are Wood Reciprocating Saw Blades?

Wood reciprocating saw blades attach to the shank of a reciprocating saw which then moves in a push-and-pull motion, providing smoother cuts into wood. The saw blades are comprised of high-speed steel for the toothed edge, while the body is constructed of spring steel, hence the term bi-metal.

TPI (Teeth Per Inch) correlate to the material the blades can cut into. In this instance, wood reciprocating saw blades have a TPI ranging from 5-6, optimal for fast and aggressive wood-cutting.

The blades are ideal for cutting wood as their shock-resistant teeth and cobalt edges enhance the overall durability and longevity of the saw blades.

Wood reciprocating saw blades are heat and wear-resistant, protecting against the frictional heat generated by cutting, thus the longevity of the blades is increased.

Where are Wood Reciprocating Saw Blades Used?

Wood reciprocating saw blades are used for:

  • General Cutting
  • Scrolls
  • Trees
  • Damp Wood
  • Nail-embedded Wood

Wood Reciprocating Saw Blades Benefits

  • Effective Mechanism: The blades, part of a reciprocating saw blade system, utilise a push-and-pull motion to provide smooth and consistent cuts.
  • Aggressive Cutting: A TPI of 5-6 means cuts are much faster and more thorough, which is essential when cutting wood.
  • Longer Lifespan: The metal reciprocating saw blades are robust, featuring shock-resistant teeth and cobalt edges.
  • Wide Compatibility: Can be applied onto reciprocating saw machines with a 1/2" shank.

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