Stainless Reciprocating Saw Blades

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Stainless reciprocating saw blades are high-performing, carbide-tipped, and thick-bodied attachments for reciprocating saws. The blades have a TPI (Teeth Per Inch) of 8 and are ideal for cutting heavy-duty metals such as stainless steel, and cast iron.

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What are Stainless Reciprocating Saw Blades?

Stainless reciprocating saw blades possess carbide-tipped blades and a thick body, giving the blades excellent cutting performance and longevity when worked under heavy loads for example metal rebars. The stainless saw blades have precision ground teeth, offering reduced vibration, and faster cutting.

Furthermore, the blades have a thick body, resulting in straighter and easier cuts reducing operator fatigue. Stainless reciprocating saw blades have a TPI (Teeth Per Inch) of 8, ideal for cutting sturdy metals up to 12mm thick.

Where are Stainless Reciprocating Saw Blades Used?

Stainless reciprocating saw blades are purposed to cut:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Cast Iron
  • Rebar

Stainless Reciprocating Saw Blades Benefits

  • Optimised Functionality: WC-grade teeth and a rigid body provide longer life and a smooth finish when cutting tough metals up to 12mm thick (8 TPI).
  • Ease of Use: Stainless reciprocating saw blades have a thick body and precision ground teeth, reducing vibration and enabling straighter cuts.
  • Versatile Fitting: The blades are suitable for common reciprocating saws.

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