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Experience the perfect combination of superior sound performance, enhanced sound resistance, and rapid installation with Knauf Sound Panels. Knauf Sound Panels are a range of high-performance acoustic boards designed to meet the most demanding sound management requirements in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. 

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What Is Knauf Sound Panel?

With ever-evolving building regulations, it is essential to choose materials that meet the necessary standards. 

Knauf Sound Panels are designed and tested to comply with stringent regulations, ensuring your project meets the necessary requirements for sound insulation and overall building performance. 

By incorporating these panels, you can be confident that your construction project will not only meet but exceed the mandated standards.

Explore the exceptional features and benefits of Knauf Sound Panel, backed by Knauf's renowned expertise and commitment to excellence.

Unmatched Acoustic Performance

Knauf Sound Panels are engineered to provide outstanding sound reduction properties, ensuring a serene and comfortable environment. 

With advanced technology and precise manufacturing, these panels effectively minimise airborne and impact noise, making them ideal for environments that demand superior acoustic control. 

Whether it's an office, educational institution, or healthcare facility, Knauf Sound Panels deliver the sound performance needed to enhance productivity and well-being.

Knauf Sound Panels Key Features

  • Thermal conductivity: 0.24 W/mK
  • Material: Gypsum Plasterboard
  • Blue paper face 
  • Aerated gypsum core 
  • Can be used in conjunction with cavity insulation and acoustic sealant 
  • Enhanced levels of acoustic performance 

Acoustic Floors: Sound Control from the Ground Up

Incorporating Knauf Sound Panels into acoustic flooring systems provides an effective solution for sound insulation. 

These panels offer exceptional sound reduction and impact resistance, creating a quiet and comfortable environment for both residential and commercial spaces. 

With their versatility and compatibility with various flooring materials, Knauf Sound Panels enable the construction of acoustic floors that meet the most demanding requirements.

Knauf System Performance Warranty: Peace of Mind Guaranteed

Choosing Knauf Sound Panels grants you the added advantage of the Knauf system performance warranty. 

This comprehensive warranty ensures that the panels, when installed as per Knauf's guidelines (and in conjunction with the full Knauf metal, jointing and fixing range), will meet the specified sound performance standards.

This warranty offers peace of mind, assuring you that your project adheres to the highest quality standards and is backed by a reputable manufacturer.

Direct Decoration: Seamlessly Blend Function and Design

Knauf Sound Panels go beyond their acoustic properties by offering a platform for direct decoration. Their smooth plasterboard tapered edge design allows for easy and seamless integration into interior spaces. 

Architects and designers can achieve both exceptional sound control and aesthetic appeal, eliminating the need for additional surface finishing while maintaining a sleek and sophisticated look.

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