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Boasting a robust thickness of 19mm, the Knauf Plank is more than just a plasterboard. It has been meticulously engineered to be a foundational element in a myriad of partition and floor systems. Its distinct design allows it to excel as an acoustic mass layer, making it indispensable for spaces seeking superior sound insulation and performance.

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What is Knauf Plank?

  • A uniquely crafted plasterboard.
  • Measures 19mm in thickness.
  • Positioned as a pivotal component within Knauf's high-performance board lineup.
  • Specifically engineered to function as an acoustic mass layer.
  • Complies with the EN 520 Types A standards.

Knauf Plank Applications

  • Integral for partition systems, providing separation and privacy in commercial and residential spaces.
  • Essential in various floor systems, enhancing underfoot comfort and sound insulation.
  • Suitable for areas requiring enhanced acoustic properties, such as theatres, recording studios, and office partitions.

Knauf Plank Benefits

  • High Performance: Elevates the standards of traditional plasterboards by offering enhanced capabilities.
  • Multifaceted Utility: Beyond its primary acoustic function, it plays a role in multiple architectural systems, both partition and floor-based.
  • Certified Quality: Meeting the EN 520 Types A standards, Knauf Plank assures users of its commitment to excellence and dependability.

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