72mm Metal U Track

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When it comes to building design, every component, no matter how seemingly inconspicuous, holds significance. 72mm metal U track plays an integral role in constructing partition walls and plasterboard systems, serving as the base and top rail to secure metal studs. This tracking system is employed across a variety of environments, from residential homes to commercial offices and industrial setups.

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What Is 72mm U Track? 

There's a certain beauty in the hidden details of construction; the unseen elements that form the foundation for the aesthetics we admire. In the world of drywall installation, 72mm metal U track is one such unsung hero. 

Although it isn't front and centre of every project, its critical role in maintaining the stability and integrity of our structures is undeniable.

72mm metal U track, made from premium galvanised steel, is a primary component used in the framework of drywall construction. 

Its 'U' shaped profile lends it the name, and this shape serves a fundamental purpose - to provide a secure foundation and anchoring mechanism for vertical metal studs in wall and partition systems.

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