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YBS Insulation is a reputable manufacturer based in the UK, boasting over 25 years of experience and expertise in the building industry. The company has a strong manufacturing capability, producing over 2 million metres of reflective insulation annually. With a customer base that extends globally and a significant presence in the national market, YBS Insulation has established itself as a trusted and reliable provider of insulation solutions.

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What Is YBS Insulation?

YBS Insulation has a rich history that spans decades. Established in the UK, the company has steadily grown and evolved, carving a niche for itself in the insulation market.

Over the years, YBS Insulation has demonstrated a strong focus on research and development, enabling it to introduce cutting-edge fully certified products that meet the ever-changing demands of the industry.

All YBS products are fully certified and tested to industry standards, ensuring the utmost quality and performance. 

We stock two of YBS' most popular solutions. YBS SuperQuilt and YBS BreatherQuilt. 

YBS SuperQuilt Multifoil Insulation

SuperQuilt, the UK's leading Agrément Certified reflective multifoil insulation, offers exceptional thermal and vapour resistance benefits.

This flexible and easy-to-install 2-in-1 reflective aluminium multilayer insulation serves as both insulation and a vapour control layer in roofs, walls, loft conversions and floors.

With its thin profile thickness of only 40mm and a configuration of 19 high-quality flexible layers and high density foam, SuperQuilt effectively addresses all three forms of energy transfer, it delivering impressive thermal performance.

The innovative solution minimises excess heat from infiltrating roof structures in summer and preserves internal heat in winter.

YBS BreatherQuilt Multifoil Insulation Blanket

YBS BreatherQuilt Multifoil Insulation Blanket is an innovative product that combines thermal insulation and breathable properties.

Purposed for use in pitched roofs, BreatherQuilt is designed to replace the need for traditional breathable membranes, offering a high level of thermal performance (with a total R-Value of 1.62 W/m_K equivalent to approx 75mm of Mineral Wool). 

With a unique 11-layer composition, BreatherQuilt effectively deals with condensation and all forms of energy transfer.

Frequently Asked YBS Multifoil Questions

What is YBS SuperQuilt Equivalent To?

To provide context, it's worth noting that YBS SuperQuilt Insulation, with its 40mm thickness, offers comparable thermal performance to that of a 70mm PIR insulation in a roof application. 

What Is Multifoil Insulation?

Multifoil insulation (otherwise known as reflective foil insulation or aluminium foil insulation) is thin, flexible, and lightweight.

Whereas most other insulation products are made from one material, multifoil insulation is made from multiple layers of insulating materials (as hinted by the 'multi' in its title), namely reflective aluminium foil, polypropylene, and thermo-foam.

Thin, reflective layers of materials are sandwiched between insulation wadding (polypropylene); the result is an extremely thin, airtight roll that contributes very little to the U-Value of a build-up of materials.

What Are Some Common Multifoil Applications? 

Multifoil insulation is a highly versatile solution. Depending on the specified product it can be suitable for the following applications: 

  • Pitched roofs
  • Flat roofs
  • Lofts
  • Walls
  • Floors

Multifoil may be applied internally as a vapour control layer to prevent heat loss or externally as a breathable membrane to avoid moisture accumulation.

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