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TLX Insulation is a leading choice for builders and homeowners seeking effective insulation solutions that combine thermal efficiency, versatility, and ease of installation. Its reflective and insulating properties contribute to energy savings, creating a more sustainable and comfortable living environment.

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What Is TLX Insulation? 

TLX insulation is an advanced insulation material that combines reflective properties with insulating properties, resulting in enhanced energy efficiency. 

It is designed to provide effective thermal insulation while also offering other desirable characteristics, making it a versatile solution for various applications.

TLX Silver 

TLX silver is a slim, multi purpose insulation suitable for use within walls, roofs, and specific floor configurations, contributing to improved insulation performance. 

This cost effective product works by creating a tightly sealed air tight vapour barrier and effectively restricts air movement within the applications in which it is installed. 

Aside from the aforementioned applications, TLX silver multifoil insulation is also a suitable option for insulating loft and barn conversions. 

Furthermore, TLX Silver complements the performance of glass wool, allowing for a reduced overall insulation thickness. It also pairs well with rigid insulation, resulting in shorter installation times and offering a convenient and adaptable solution for various insulation needs.

TLX Gold 

TLX Multifoil Insulation Gold is an energy-saving innovative dual-purpose insulating breather membrane. 

Combining the advantages of a breather membrane's moisture ventilation capabilities with the insulation properties resembling those of a non-breathable PIR board, it offers a versatile solution for optimising both insulation and moisture control.

We stock TLX Gold in dimensions: 1.2m x 10m. 

TLX Insulation Key Features

  • TLX insulation utilises reflective surfaces to minimise heat transfer through radiation
  • Helps to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature regardless of external weather conditions
  • Designed to strict industry standards
  • Prevents air leakage and restricts air movement
  • Guarantees high performance
  • Boasts excellent thermal resistance, reducing heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer
  • Aids in creating a more energy-efficient and comfortable living environment
  • TLX insulation allows moisture vapour to pass through, preventing the buildup of condensation
  • Designed to withstand the rigours of construction 

TLX Insulation Applications

Roofs: TLX insulation is commonly used in roof applications to enhance thermal efficiency and prevent heat loss or gain.

Walls: TLX insulation can be applied to walls to improve insulation performance, regulate temperature, and reduce energy consumption.

Floors: TLX insulation is suitable for insulating floors, reducing heat transfer and enhancing comfort levels.

Extensions and Renovation Projects: TLX insulation is an ideal choice for extensions and renovation projects, where space constraints and retrofitting requirements demand thin and lightweight insulation solutions.

TLX Insulation Composition 

TLX insulation consists of multiple layers that work together to deliver exceptional performance. While the exact composition may vary depending on the specific product variant, typical layers may include:

  • Reflective Foil Layers: These layers reflect radiant heat, minimising its transfer into or out of the building.
  • Insulating Layers: These layers provide thermal resistance and help to reduce conductive heat transfer.
  • Breathable Membrane: This layer allows for moisture vapour permeability, preventing condensation buildup.

Frequently Asked TLX Multifoil Questions

What is The Difference Between TLX Gold & Silver?

TLX Gold is designed for exterior installation, providing breathability without the need for an additional vapour barrier. 

On the other hand, TLX Silver is intended for interior installation, functioning as a vapour barrier that excels in restricting air movement while lacking breathability.

Is TLX Insulation Suitable For New Builds & Existing Buildings?

Yes, TLX insulation is versatile and can be used in both new construction projects and retrofit applications.

What is a U Value?

With so many different values quoted on the web it can be hard to decipher what a U-Value actually is and which one is true of any given product. 

This value is crucial in assessing the thermal resistance of a building component, typically applied to pitched roof insulation, roof insulation, or wall insulation. 

To determine the U-value, all layers of insulation along with any air gaps or additional fixtures are considered.

It's important to note that a lower U-value indicates better insulation performance. Multifoil insulation plays a significant role in achieving a lower U-value within a thermal element, contributing to enhanced insulation efficiency.

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