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Rockwool RW5 is a durable insulation solution that provides exceptional thermal insulation, sound absorption and fire resistance. Its composition of volcanic rock fibres ensures excellent thermal performance and long-lasting effectiveness. By reducing the reliance on excessive heating or cooling, RW5 facilitates sustainable and cost-effective construction practices while creating a comfortable indoor environment for occupants.

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What Is Rockwool RW5? 

Rockwool RW5 Acoustic Mineral Wool Slabs reduce the transmission of sound between internal walls, floors, and ceilings, keeping noise levels down whilst upping your privacy. 

Recognised for its impeccable quality and outstanding properties, RW5 showcases superior thermal insulation capabilities. With its high density and low thermal conductivity, this insulation material effectively mitigates heat transfer, resulting in remarkable energy efficiency. 

From an acoustic perspective, RW5 demonstrates exceptional performance in sound absorption. 

Its dense structure, comprised of carefully engineered volcanic rock fibres, effectively dampens sound waves, minimising airborne noise transmission. 

This unrivalled acoustic performance ensures optimal acoustic comfort and enables the creation of serene and productive spaces, ranging from residential homes to bustling commercial environments.

Another prized feature of RW5 is that it is rated A1 (non-combustible) on the Euroclass scale. RW5 can be used in ceilings, walls, and floors as a means of reducing fire spread and damage.

Rockwool RW5 Key Features 

Rockwool RW5 insulation slabs offer thermal, acoustic and fire performance. 

As acoustic and thermal insulation, the slabs prevent the passage of sound and heat from one room to the next and maintain high performance in a range of construction types, as well as specialist specifications. 

The slabs come in a pack quantity of 2 per pack, giving a pack coverage of (1.44m2/Pack). 

Let's have a look at the specs:

  • Low Global Warming Potential (GWP) and Zero Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP)
  • Rot-resistant - withstands mould and mildew
  • Thermal conductivity of 0.034 W/mK
  • Water repellent qualities of the insulation prevent moisture build up, dampness and rot
  • Excellent acoustic and thermal performance
  • Fire resistance
  • Density of 100kg/m3 per slab

Rockwool RW5 Applications

RW5 acoustic insulation slabs are suitable for a whole range of applications. These semi-rigid Rockwool slabs are designed to high industry standards and offer a robust insulation solution for general building projects such as ceilings, partition walls, and even floors. 

The slabs can be used for the following construction types:

  • Interior timber or steel partition walls
  • Interior timber frame floors
  • Interior timber frame ceilings
  • Acoustic ceilings and partition panels
  • I-joist interior partitions
  • Party walls

Rockwool 100mm RW5 Certifications

BS EN is British and European Standard Specifications. With over 100 years of experience, the British Standards Institute is recognised as the UK’s National standards body. BS EN considers Rockwool both:

  • Euroclass A1 non-combustible in accordance with BS EN 13501-1 - achieving the highest possible level of fire performance
  • CE and Key marked in accordance with BS EN 13162:2012 + A1:2015.v

100mm Rockwool RW5 slabs are also certified by Lloyd's register of shipping as non-combustible materials for use on:

  • Fixed offshore installations
  • MED classed ships- DTLR MCA approval
  • Rated non-combustible in accordance with ISO 1182 and IMO A. 799

Rockwool Insulation RW5 Storage & Handling

RW5 slabs have a soft, fibrous texture, very similar to a loaf of bread. Because of this, a serrated blade is all you need to slice through it.
When it comes to storage, we advise that you store the slabs inside; keeping them nice and dry.

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