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Knauf RS45 Slab offers exceptional thermal performance, fire resistance, sound insulation, moisture management, and sustainability. With its ability to enhance energy efficiency and create comfortable and safe indoor environments, Knauf RS45 Slab Insulation is a reliable choice for a wide range of construction applications. Backed by Knauf's reputation for quality and innovation, Knauf RS45 Slab Insulation provides an effective solution for meeting insulation requirements and achieving superior thermal performance.

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What Is Knauf RS45 Insulation Slab? 

Knauf RS45 Slabs redefine the possibilities of insulation with their rock mineral wool composition, exceptional fire resistance, versatile applications, and commitment to sustainability. 

With Knauf RS45 Slabs, you have the flexibility of using a single slab for multiple applications. These slabs are designed to meet diverse thermal and acoustic insulation requirements, providing a practical and efficient solution for a host of applications.

Trust in Knauf Insulation's expertise to elevate your projects to new heights of efficiency, comfort, and environmental responsibility.

Knauf RS45 Applications

  • Ground floors
  • Internal floors
  • Separating floors
  • Pitched roofs at rafter level
  • Internal walls/partitions
  • Light steel frame walls
  • Timber frame walls

Innovative ECOSE Technology

Knauf Insulation's dedication to sustainability is embodied in the manufacturing of RS45 Slabs. They are made using Knauf Insulation's unique bio-based binder, ECOSE® Technology. This groundbreaking binder is derived from renewable materials, reducing the environmental impact while maintaining the highest standards of quality and performance.

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