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XtraTherm CavityTherm is a cutting-edge insulation system tailored for full-fill cavity wall applications. Built to provide exceptional thermal performance, it boasts an inbuilt mechanism to protect against wind-driven rain. Suited for traditional 100-150mm cavities, this product is the go-to for homeowners and contractors desiring an energy-efficient insulation solution. 

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What Is XtraTherm CavityTherm? 

XtraTherm CavityTherm is an advanced PIR insulation board designed for full-fill cavity wall applications. 

The product’s unique engineered profile ensures that any moisture that might penetrate the external wall is directed downwards and away from the cavity, offering superior protection, especially against wind-driven rain. This safeguards your walls against potential dampness or structural harm.

The board's specialised rebated edge detailing also ensures the system fits perfectly, providing excellent thermal bridging detailing.

Where is XtraTherm CavityTherm Used? 

  • XtraTherm CavityTherm is specifically designed for use in full-fill cavity wall applications.
  • Suitable for new build and refurbishment projects. 

XtraTherm CavityTherm Benefits 

  • High performance core - 0.021 W/mk Thermal Conductivity
  • Gas-tight facings for optimal insulation
  • Engineered drainage plane for moisture protection
  • Innovative rebated edge detailing for a snug fit
  • Achieves U-Values as low as 0.12 W/m2K

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