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Drivesett Tegula Block Paving is a distinguished and premium paving solution known for its versatility, durability, and elegant appearance. Renowned for its timeworn appearance and traditional style, Drivesett Tegula is a top choice for homeowners and designers seeking to add a classic yet robust touch to outdoor spaces.

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What is Drivesett Tegula Block Paving?

Drivesett Tegula Block Paving is a high-quality block paving product manufactured by Marshalls, one of the UK's leading names in paving solutions. 

Marshalls Drivesett Tegula Original is crafted through a specialised manufacturing process that gives the blocks a unique, aged appearance, mimicking the classic charm of old-world paving while offering the strength and reliability of modern concrete technology. 

Available in a range of colours such as pennant grey, charcoal, and golden, and various thicknesses to suit different loading applications, Drivesett Tegula is an ideal combination of aesthetics and functionality.

Where Are Drivesett Tegula Block Paving Products Used?

  • Driveways: Its durability makes it a great choice for high-traffic areas such as a driveway.
  • Patios and Paths: Offers a charming addition to garden paths and patios with its traditional aesthetics.
  • Public Spaces: Suitable for pedestrian zones, due to its robust nature and attractive appearance.
  • Commercial Projects: Ideal for projects demanding a classic style with modern performance.
  • Loading Applications: Drivesett Tegula is suitable for any loading application. 

Drivesett Block Paving Tegula Benefits

  • Aesthetic Appeal: The timeworn texture and variety of colours, including the classic pennant grey and vibrant golden, enhance outdoor spaces with a traditional yet timeless character.
  • Durability and Strength: Manufactured to high standards, ensuring a product that withstands the test of time, even in areas with heavy loading.
  • Versatility: Available in various sizes, colours, and patterns, Drivesett Tegula block paving can be arranged in multiple patterns to create unique and attractive designs.
  • Harmony with Traditional Designs: Drivesett Tegula Traditional brings the classic beauty of traditional block paving to modern driveways, offering an array of patterns and colours that harmonise with any home's exterior."
  • Easy Maintenance: Its manufacturing process ensures that it retains its colour and withstands weathering, reducing the need for frequent maintenance.
  • Environmental Consideration: Marshalls Drivesett Tegula products are designed with nature in mind, offering a sustainable option for paving without sacrificing quality.

Frequently Asked Drivesett Tegula Block Paving Questions

Can Marshalls Drivesett Tegula Block Paving Be Used For Commercial Properties?

Yes, its durability and aesthetic appeal make it suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

How Does Colour Vary In Drivesett Tegula Blocks?

Colour variation is a natural and intentional part of the manufacturing process, adding to the unique, aged appearance of each block.

Can I Mix Different Drivesett Tegula Sizes For a Unique Patio Design?

Absolutely. Drivesett Tegula comes in various sizes allowing for the creation of unique patio designs and geometric patterns.

This includes three distinct block sizes: small (160x120), medium (160x160), and large (240x160). Customers have the flexibility to purchase these blocks individually in packs or opt for a project pack. 

The project pack provides a convenient assortment, containing a combination of all three sizes to accommodate various project requirements.

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