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Drivesett Argent Block Paving is an innovative paving solution that combines the aesthetics of natural stone paving with the durability and cost-effectiveness of high-quality concrete products. Utilising a blend of British granite aggregates, this paving option offers a modern and attractive finish suitable for a variety of outdoor spaces. Its manufacturing process ensures a smooth, polished finish with subtle sparkle, enhancing its slip resistance and making it ideal for garden paving, patios, and pathways. 

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What is Drivesett Argent Block Paving?

Drivesett Argent Block Paving is a premium paving product from Marshalls, designed to mimic the appearance of natural stone while offering the structural integrity and ease of installation of concrete paving. 

This innovative product is made using high-quality granite aggregates, which give it a distinct, attractive blend of complimentary grey colours with a subtle sparkle. 

The smooth, polished finish of Drivesett Argent paving slabs is achieved through a specialised wet-cast manufacturing process, providing a smart and modern finish to any outdoor space.

Where is Drivesett Argent Block Paving Used?

Drivesett Argent Block Paving is versatile enough for use in various outdoor applications. It's most commonly used in:

  • Modern Garden Designs: Providing a contemporary look with its smooth paving and bold geometric designs.
  • Patios: Where its ability to create geometric patio patterns offers endless design possibilities.
  • Pathways: Thanks to its non-slip surface and durability, ensuring safe and attractive walkways.
  • Driveways: Where the need for a hard-wearing surface that can withstand vehicle traffic is paramount.

Drivesett Argent Block Paving Benefits

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Offers an attractive blend of British granite aggregates with complimentary grey colours, suitable for any modern finish.
  • Durability: Extremely durable and designed to last, thanks to the use of high-quality granite alternatives and concrete products.
  • Versatility: Available in a versatile range of sizes, colours, and textures, it fits various design needs and preferences.
  • Slip Resistance: Enhanced slip resistance due to its smooth but non-slip surface, making it safe for all weather conditions.
  • Ease of Installation: With available split packs and a range of laying patterns, it provides flexibility and ease of installation for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Frequently Asked Drivesett Argent Block Paving Questions

Can Drivesett Argent Block Paving be Used For Driveways?

Yes, its durability and slip resistance makes it ideal for driveways, offering both a functional and aesthetically pleasing surface.

Is There a Difference in Colour Between Batches?

As with any natural stone or concrete product, slight colour variations can occur between batches due to the natural materials used in the manufacturing process.

Can I Mix Different Sizes For a Unique Patio Design?

Absolutely. Drivesett Argent comes in various sizes allowing for the creation of unique patio designs and geometric patterns.

How Do I Maintain My Drivesett Argent Paving?

Regular cleaning with a mild detergent and water should keep your paving looking great. For tougher stains, a specific paving cleaner may be used.

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