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In an era where environmental sustainability and urban planning are increasingly interlinked, Driveline Priora Block Paving emerges as a revolutionary solution. Designed for use in sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDS), this innovative paving method addresses both ecological concerns and the need for efficient water management in urban environments. By incorporating Priora blocks, which create voids to facilitate the infiltration of rainwater back into the ground, Driveline Priora Block Paving acts as a permeable alternative to traditional, impermeable surfaces that contribute to runoff and flooding.

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What is Driveline Priora Block Paving?

Driveline Priora Block Paving is Marshalls' innovative solution to urban drainage and pavement stability issues. 

It is a type of concrete block paver that integrates Marshalls' patented unique nib design, allowing for the creation of voids between the blocks. These voids, in conjunction with a specially calculated sub-base, facilitate the quick removal of surface water, channelling it back into the earth's subsurface. 

This design not only enhances surface stability but also mitigates flood risk without compromising structural performance. 

Where is Marshalls' Driveline Priora Block Paving Used?

  • Residential Driveways: A permeable alternative to standard block paving, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal.
  • Urban Landscapes: Offers a sustainable urban drainage system (SUDS) solution, essential for public squares and pedestrian paths.
  • Commercial Projects: Ideal for parking lots and access roads, where managing surface water efficiently is crucial.

Driveline Priora Block Paving Benefits

  • Unique Design: These concrete block pavers feature a patented nib design that assists surface water control. The configuration of Priora blocks creates voids between the paving units. These voids, together with a specially calculated sub-base, are critical for the swift removal of surface water, directing it efficiently back into the ground.
  • Mitigates Flood Risk: Acts as a source control SUDS solution, significantly reducing the chances of urban flooding.
  • Sustainable and Efficient: The system removes the need for additional linear drainage systems, lowering construction costs and environmental impact.
  • Improves Water Quality: The Priora system not only manages water quantity but also improves water quality by filtering water back into the ground.
  • Avoids Planning Permissions: Its effectiveness in managing surface water can bypass the frustrating planning permission process for drainage.
  • Enhanced Durability: The innovative nib design and the use of a specially prepared sub-base enhance surface stability without compromising the pavement's structural performance.

Frequently Asked Driveline Priora Block Paving Questions

How Does Driveline Priora Compare to Standard Block Paving?

Driveline Priora offers a permeable alternative, effectively handling surface water and enhancing durability without the need for additional drainage systems, unlike standard block paving.

Can Driveline Priora Paving Be Used in Heavy Rain Areas?

Yes, its design is specifically aimed at mitigating flood risk and is capable of managing significant amounts of surface water, making it ideal for areas prone to heavy rainfall.

Does Installing Driveline Priora Require Special Tools or Techniques?

While the block design and laying patterns are unique, the installation process is straightforward for professionals accustomed to working with block paving. It requires a specially calculated or prepared sub-base to ensure optimum performance.

Is It Necessary To Obtain Planning Permission Before Installing Driveline Priora?

In many cases, the installation of Driveline Priora block paving avoids the need for planning permission due to its SUDS compliance, simplifying the process for property owners.

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