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Beaded MDF (0 Products)

MDF Beaded Panel simplifies both residential and commercial interior renovations and decorations. The panels are grooved along the portrait facing, providing a textured surface that is simply perfect for making a feature in any room. Constructed from moisture-resistant MDF, Beaded MDF is ideal for use in humid environments. Beaded MDF sheets are not only used for decorative purposes and hiding uneven surfaces, but they also serve to protect walls from knocks and bumps.

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Beaded MDF

Beaded MDF is a type of moisture-resistant MDF board that features machined grooves, creating a premium panelling effect with the appearance of tongue & groove panelling. This excellent product is an ideal solution for panelling and cladding as well as lining garages. Please note however, that the boards are suitable for interior use only.

Nowadays, wall panelling is employed strictly for decoration, and MDF is the most prevalent material in this process. Installing MDF Wall Panelling is an affordable method to sophisticate otherwise dull walls, plus it's easy to put up and within the capabilities of most novice Do-It-Yourselfers.

For full details and further information, please refer to the datasheets provided on individual products. 

Beaded MDF Key Features

  • Produced from moisture resistant MDF

  • Primed for easy finishing - can be painted a lot easier 

  • Offers detailed interlocking sides and designs for a flush finish

  • The standout and edge design precision ensure sheets neatly butt for an invisible join without relying on tongue and groove joints

  • Cost-effective way to cover your ceilings/used as wall panels in wall applications 

Beaded MDF Applications

  • Walls

  • Bath panels

  • Shopfitting

  • Bar fronts

  • Stairways

  • Ceilings

  • Reception desks

  • Screens

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