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Discover a practical and cost-effective solution for rainwater management with our high-quality range of downpipe connectors. Downpipe connectors are typically used in plumbing or gutter systems to join two sections of a downpipe (also known as a drainpipe or gutter pipe) together.

They help to create a continuous pathway for rainwater or wastewater to flow from a higher point to a lower point, such as from a roof to the ground or a drainage system. We stock a variety of downpipe connectors, including round, square, and cast iron effect options.

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What Are Downpipe Connectors?

Downpipe connectors are essential downpipe fittings that link two sections of a downpipe, allowing water to flow through the pipe system efficiently.

Whether you're working on new build or refurbishment applications, our durable and efficient UPVC, cast iron effect, and round downpipe options ensure optimal results.

Downpipe Connectors Key Features

  • Suitable for new build and refurbishment projects
  • Durable PVC/UPVC construction
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with most major manufacturers
  • Essential component within a guttering system
  • Used to link down pipes

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