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Here at Materials Market, we stock a wide range of soil pipe fittings, from single sockets to bends, connectors, and caps. Our fittings enable easy and reliable connections, ensuring leak-free installations for your drainage systems. From single socket soil access pipes which enable access within the soil stack to air admittance valves, browse our full range of quality products and find the right fit for your project today. 

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What Are Soil Pipes And Fittings? 

Soil pipes and fittings are essential components of a plumbing system designed to transport wastewater and sewage from buildings to the sewer or septic system. They play a crucial role in maintaining proper sanitation and hygiene within a structure. 

Soil Pipe Purpose

Soil pipes, also known as sewage pipes, are vertical pipes that transport wastewater and sewage from the building's plumbing fixtures to the underground drainage system or sewage treatment facility.

Soil Pipe Fittings Purpose

Soil pipe fittings are a collection of various components that are used to connect, redirect, or adapt soil pipes to ensure proper flow and drainage within a building's plumbing system. These fittings are essential for routing wastewater efficiently.

Frequently Asked Soil Pipes & Fittings Questions

Solvent Weld and Push Fit Pipes - What's the Difference?

The main difference between solvent weld and push-fit pipes is the method of joining. 

Solvent weld provides a permanent and secure connection, ideal for many plumbing applications, while push-fit offers a more flexible and easily adjustable solution, making it convenient for DIY enthusiasts and projects where changes may be required. 

The choice between the two methods depends on your specific plumbing needs and preferences.

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