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Ibstock Brick LTD is a well-established brick and concrete product manufacturer in the UK with roots tracing back to the 1800s. With centuries of experience under their belt, they have fast become one of the most respected players in Britain’s construction industry, renowned for being an innovative leader in the brick making field.

Ibstock facing bricks are intended for use on exterior facades and they offer a wide array of textures, colours, and finishes to satisfy every architectural style or design preference.

Boasting a commitment to green living, the company is devoted to safeguarding our planet through its numerous environmentally friendly initiatives. These efforts include turning towards renewable energy sources and cutting down on waste production.

Ibstock Bricks' Durability

Ibstock hits the mark when it comes to creating long-lasting bricks crafted from natural materials, like clay and shale. Through high temperatures firing processes, their incredible products are designed to withstand tough weather conditions as well as daily wear and tear for an extended period of time. 

Plus, with modern manufacturing strategies employed in every brick's crafting process, you can expect an unfailing consistency of quality that never falls short. 

Facing Bricks

A facing brick, also known as a façade brick or a front brick, is a type of brick that is manufactured specifically for use on the exterior face or façade of a building. 

The term "facing" in construction refers to the fact that these bricks are visible on the outside of the building and are therefore required to be aesthetically pleasing.

Gone are the days of dull and uninspiring exteriors - facing bricks bring an element of style while still being durable enough to protect walls from extreme weather conditions. 

Facing bricks are generally larger and more attractive than standard bricks, and they are available in a wide range of finishes - with some offering a smooth texture and others boasting a glazed and patterned surface. 

For our entire facing bricks range, check out our facing brick category page. 

Frequently Asked Ibstock Bricks Questions

What Colours and Finishes Are Ibstock Bricks Available In? 

Ibstock offers a comprehensive range of colours and finishes, from traditional reds and browns to contemporary greys and blues. They also offer a range of textures, such as smooth, sand-faced, and rustic finishes.

Are Ibstock Bricks Sustainable? 

Yes, Ibstock is committed to sustainability and has implemented a number of initiatives to reduce their environmental impact. They use recycled materials wherever possible, and they have a range of products that are designed to be energy-efficient and reduce carbon emissions.

How Long Do Ibstock Bricks Last? 

Ibstock brick products are designed to last for many years, and their durability is one of their key features. With proper maintenance and care, Ibstock bricks can last for several decades or even longer.

What Are The Benefits of Using Clay Bricks? 

Clay bricks offer many benefits, especially when it comes to house building. Crafted with a variety of natural materials that render an array of colours, clay brick is both sturdy and low-maintenance. 

Additionally, these bricks provide thermal mass within the building's structure to reduce energy consumption and heating. 

Not only are they resilient but they can also be recycled at the end of their use!

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