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Plastic air bricks are a modern take on the conventional air brick (traditionally made from clay). Due to their innovative manufacture, plastic air bricks offer the added benefit of greater airflow and an integral clip that allows multiple airbricks to be stacked together. If a structure features timber floors or utilises a beam and block flooring system, it is advisable to incorporate airbricks. These help to facilitate the circulation of air beneath the ground floor, a process commonly referred to as ventilation.

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What Are Plastic Air Bricks?

Plastic air bricks are essential components in construction, made from UV-stabilised polypropylene through injection moulding.

These bricks feature unique stepped front grilles with integral clips and are available in various colours, including grey, terracotta, and brown.

They are designed to provide ventilation through external walls, ensuring a healthier building interior.

Where Are Plastic Air Bricks Used?

Plastic air bricks are used both in new construction and retrofitting projects to improve ventilation in different building types.

They are commonly installed in external walls, suspended ground floors, and cavity sleeves for ventilation.

The unique stepped front grille greatly reduces the entry of wind-driven rain while allowing unobstructed airflow.

Why Are Plastic Air Bricks Essential in Construction?

  • Ventilation: Plastic air bricks, with their multiple airbricks, ensure proper ventilation, complying with relevant British standards and NHBC requirements.
  • Moisture Control: These bricks prevent rain penetration and moisture-related issues, maintaining building integrity.
  • Energy Efficiency: By providing free area for air circulation, they reduce the need for conventional air bricks or mechanical ventilation systems.
  • Compliance: Plastic air bricks have an equivalent area marking of 6170mm², ensuring compliance with relevant building regulations.

Frequently Asked Plastic Air Bricks Questions

How Do Plastic Air Bricks Prevent Moisture Problems?

Plastic air bricks, like all ventilation bricks, help control moisture by allowing airflow, which reduces humidity levels and prevents mould and dampness.

Are Plastic Air Bricks Suitable For Different Types of Buildings?

Yes, plastic air bricks are versatile and can be used in various building types, including residential, commercial, and industrial structures.

What Standards Do Plastic Air Bricks Comply With?

Plastic air bricks typically comply with relevant British standards and NHBC requirements to ensure their quality and performance.

What Materials Are Plastic Air Bricks Made From?

Plastic air bricks are typically made from UV-stabilised polypropylene through injection moulding, ensuring durability and longevity.

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